View Full Version : dont get any better

20-05-2004, 09:39 PM
hi all went shooting today first time for 2 weeks been unwell. anyway better now. got up this morning nice sunny day got all my gear ready and im off to my nearest shoot when i arrive theres half a dozen bunnies sat up the top of the field im in for a great day today me thinks oh no what have i forgot to put in my bag only the new tin of pellets. theres only 5 left in this tin do i go home or what. no me thinks i can allways come again tomorrow.so off up the top i go i was there for hour and came back with 4 bunnies now i know my scopes set right all taken 25-35 yards smack in the bonce. life just dont get any better off again weekend think i will take a few more pellets this time maybe 10 lol cheers all happy shooting