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21-05-2004, 06:30 AM
i took a trip to ripley rifles yesterday to pick up my new AR5 S.
having never been there before i didnt know what to expect.
i was greeted at the door by john who showed me to the workshop at the bottom of the garden. once inside i realised i was somewhere that precision instruments are created.
i was surrounded by lathes,milling machines and all sorts of other engineering devices.
john reached into the cabinet and introduced me to my new baby - an AR5 S in carbine length and .177. fitted with a ripley silencer this gun is virtually silent, devoid of any feeling of movement when fired except the faintest ping.
i asked if a straight blade was available for the trigger? john then made 2 for me as i waited, watching in awe. he then fitted one to my ARS S and then fitted one to my XL1. the AR5 S is a keeper too now ive got one. they make a lovely pair in the gunsafe and will look even better when my other 2 stocks come back from hydrographics next week. ones in red marble and ones in a red turns to blue to gold flip metallic.
he told me never to sell the XL1 as its one of only 34 made and worth a bit of money now but more as time goes on.
ive heard bad press about ripley not answering emails or phonecalls but as steve is occupied with his wifes ill health, john is at the helm and doing a sterling job.
prospective customers should be aware that their calls or emails will be answered a.s.a.p but believe me - its worth the wait.

p.s i thought my chrono was bust when testing the gun. 800f.p.s - 802f.ps until i got bored testing it.

21-05-2004, 07:30 AM
superb rifles, had to sell mine to fund other family matters, but i shall get another.