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24-05-2004, 02:06 PM
Heard the raucous calling of a crow in a tree just outside the back door, this was one of the group i had unsuccessfully been trying to stalk for the last month and there it was eyeing up a bone the dog had left on what passes for our lawn.
I could see enough of it through the leaves to take a shot--TAK and down it fell! its mate didn't hang about and took to the air immediately, so much for loyalty i thought!

Feeling confident i turned my attention to the magpie which had been steeling bantam eggs and had harassed the swallows from returning to their nests in the stables.
I thought this will never work but it's worth a try; so deciding to use hay rather than straw (blow the expense) made an untidy nest about 25 yds. from the hedge row and placed it very obviously out in the field, lined it with cling film, broke an egg in it and put 2 more beside it.
Waiting in the hedge for about an hour i was kept amused by the crows overhead which took no notice of the nest as they were too busy quarreling, wheeling and spinning, establishing a new pecking order now that one of their number was gone.

After another half an hour or so i was aware that a largish bird had flown into the tree above me, i froze for about a full minute. Then to my surprise a magpie flew down from the tree and started hopping towards the nest. I slowly cocked the bolt of my Harrier gradually lifted it to my shoulder, now the magpie had its back to me and was about 5yds. from the nest- it got no nearer as i saw through my scope it crumple to the ground.

Thats one less egg thief and proved to me that the old nest trick does work.


Girl Wiv A Gun
24-05-2004, 02:33 PM
That's one to try then, I hadn't thought of that, I have been cracking eggs along hedgerows in the back paddocks behind the stables, as we too had chickens whose eggs were constantly being stolen by the resident maggies.

We have 8 acres of land and I have often found my chicken eggs deposited right at the top of the hill a good distance from the chicken shed. How on earth do they manage to carry them that far whole? Surely they don't eat the contents of the egg and carry the shell off afterwards?:confused:

24-05-2004, 02:52 PM
I must say i was doubtful whether it would work, got the idea from a thread on the BBS.
Yes it's amazing how they manage to carry off even a bantam egg. But having got the taste for them it seems they can't resist them.
You have to stay well hidden and camouflaged with your head and hands covered.

24-05-2004, 03:19 PM
Tried it with eggs on a plate and got one but the others didn't like our using him as a decoy as he couldn't reply to their questions on how the eggs were.