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25-05-2004, 11:14 PM
Hi Im the happy owner of an eliminator, and was wondering if its possible to mount a one piece solid mount in place of the dampamount? Thanks for any suggestions and also where may these be purchased. Ive lost faith in my dampa and was looking for something with no bushings to have to worry about.


26-05-2004, 03:41 PM

Ed W
26-05-2004, 05:46 PM
Hello Mike,

Just a thought...are you worrying unnecessarily about the Dampa and the problem is elsewhere?

In no particular order, could your scope, local weather conditions,
rifle set up etc be the cause?

I had a .20 Eliminator/Weaver V16 (890fps/Premiers) until last year. Very smoothe/accurate and no POI shift.

Once zeroed, I don't think I touched the scope turrets again.

HTH, Regards, Ed

27-05-2004, 12:36 AM
I think I fixed it. I checked dampamount a while back and when I put the bushings back in I put a light coating of moly on them as I thought it would be easier. I just took the mount off and cleaned all bushings, screws, dampamount innards etc with rubbing alcohol. Put blue loctite on screw and tightened away. Now the bushings appear to be under much more tension and are bulging out with tightness around their posts. Im guessing they are suppossed to be put on dry like this so they bulge firmly into the dampamount instead of going in easy? Also are you guys who are using the slow bisley magnums in this gun noticing it is much more hold sensitive. Magnums are just as accurate as field in mine, however the gun seems to take more discipline to group a large number of shots with them. Is this because of the longer loctime with such a heavy pellet compared to the exactos?

Thanks for any insight,

Mike Jenkins

28-05-2004, 08:36 AM
Well, all seemed ok after doing the above. However after another 50 or so shots things werent grouping. Going from wonderful 50m groups to not being able to even hit the paper was annoying especially with the groundhogs finally getting a sunny day this month to sunbathe here in Michigan where we are fortunate enough to have the rainiest May on record, already. So after totally ruling out the dampamounts as a possibility, rechecking stock screws, moderator, etc. I noticed at the bottom of the moderator the gap looked slightly wider than its default hairline crack. I unscrwed vortex from bottom and put it back on nice and tite, and bingo the guns finally back like she was For Good hopefully. Never would have thought an ever so slightly looseded moderator would cause such shotgunnish grouping, and provide me with such frustration. Ohh well, I had some good fun tinkering about with the Elim and resting my worries.

Best Regards,

Mike Jenkins