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11-10-2008, 09:26 PM
Miroku MK70

Having been thinking about a new shot gun for some time and toying with the idea of an over and under rather than my normal side by sides I have been doing some research and trying a few guns out.

A couple of weeks ago this culminated in a 2 hour session in a gun shop working my way through various makes and models of guns to see if I could get a feel for one I liked. Having set out thinking that a Beretta silver pigeon might be the gun for me reading the reviews I was a little surprised when I mounted one to feel it was too short in the stock for me and I felt I was having to roll my head to the right to get a decent sight picture along the rib.

I tried various models of silver pigeons and also other Beretta models but did not feel comfortable. After trying a few other makes I picked up a Miroku MK60 and this immediately felt right in the hand and to mount, good cheek weld on the but, good sight picture.

I then tried a Browning, basically the same as the Miroku as they come out of the same factory and again it felt right, so it looked like this is were I should concentrate my efforts.

I then heard about a MK70 Miroku for sale via a member on the Shooting Community Website and we arrange to meet up and pop a few cartridges through it along side a SP. This confirmed my earlier thoughts, the Miroku was for me and I made the call in the week to finalise the deal.

Whilst not a true out and out game gun it is also not an out and out clay gun either. A hybrid that should see me well for many years to come.

Today Simon brought the gun around to the farm for me to take possession of it and also to have a go busting some clays using his trap.

We placed the trap on the top a a fairly steep hill and took up a firing position below on a track out of sight of the trap. Debs acted as trapper and was given a selection of normal and midi clays.

We then spent a good 90mins taking turns, clays were presented as straight on driven birds or we moved to one side to shoot them as quartering birds. Debs would randomly mix in a midi clay to alter speed and angle.

The Mk 70 was set up with and chokes, 1/4 on the the bottom barrel.

My main worry was adapting to a single trigger having shot for the best part of 30 years with double.

First few birds went by unscathed, first time I tried the second barrel my finger slipped back to find thin air. A little thinking was required and we try again and dust the first clay with the gun. Nice smile on my face now so I carry on and get a nice rhythm going and start to consistently hit the clays.

So, in review.

I love the way the gun feels as it comes to my shoulder, it drops into the pocket well and my head naturally drops into place.

Trigger is sweet and nice weight, no issues at all.

Safety, this is also the barrel selector. It is crisp and in a good position for me thumb, however it is not an auto safety so you have to remember to reset it upon breaking the gun.

Scroll work, this is very nicely executed, clean and sharp.

Woodwork, this is a grade 5 model so the wood should be good, and in this case it is very nice, it wont challenge the wood on my very old English side by side but it is not far off. The finish is nice and fore end feels good to my hand.

Weight, well it weighs more than my SXS but tha is to me expected with slightly longer barrels, but I hardly noticed it and my swing was smooth and consistant.

Chokes, I did not change the chokes whilst shooting but have since tried and it is a doddle, simple system and nice tight fit.

But at the end of the day how did it shoot, well I should maybe let Simon say as an independent witness but I think I shot as well today as I have ever shot, and seeing that this was a new gun for me I hold high hopes for it.

The last session of 20 clays were all hit, 80% on the first barrel and the rest with the second. The rate at which you can take the second shot with a singe trigger was a revelation, I was impressed.

So, for my first foray into the world of over and unders I am very pleased.




12-10-2008, 07:42 AM
really nice piece of woodwork you got on the mk70 mate. i like the miroku's for their build qualities, feel really solid, and like you they seem to feel right as you bring the gun up.

i just brought a miroku 6000, and im really enjoying busting a few clays with it. even though im left handed the gun i believe is slightly right handed but still its not enough for me to have a problem with it smacking my cheek:D

really nice guns the miroku's :)

happy shooting with it mate.:)


12-10-2008, 09:46 AM
my first shotgun was a miroku 7000 grd3 wish i'd never got rid of it now :rolleyes: now i have a grd5 mk38 sporterised trap ....... its got a similar feel to it ;)

15-10-2008, 07:54 AM
about a month ago i ordered the 28" mk70 sport 12gauge.

its what i learnt on ! great value

05-11-2008, 10:07 PM
Good review. That's a beautiful gun, and it will easily outlast you no matter how many cartridges you put through it. I am curious about you applying the safety when you break the gun open, are you doing that at clays?

12-11-2008, 02:50 PM
After breaking and reloading the safety is still left in the "off" position so you have to slide it back to safe, I do this at all times, clays or game.

24-11-2008, 03:26 PM
just received one of these beauties. i cant belive how well it shoots.
its a 28" barrels. 30" is too long for sporting `I FEEL !`
i`ve gone for 28" and it feels so right !

mine is very light and very manoeverable. not too muzzle heavy, or light.

its got a dual rib bead, to show if your canting the gun. (leaning side on)

i dusted the first 7/8 birds with it, i had a slightly tight choke, but the clays didnt mind this. i put in an average score. although the weather was the biggest factor on sunday,
my new gun had rain,sleet, hail, snow and anything else nature threw at it !

oback barama
24-11-2008, 08:24 PM
Thats a nice looking Miroku, i was just wondering, you say it is a grade 5 but looks different(engraving) to my grade 5?:confused:

25-11-2008, 11:48 AM
I dont know if they are wll the same, possibly varies by age?

11-12-2008, 08:58 PM
I first got a gun from my local gun shop it was a cheap make all went wrong but that is a story of it own ,so gave it back to them and started to look for a browning ultra xs as my big bro. uses one with good results it is 7 or 8 years old found a shooting ground that had half a dozen of them from 1495 up
off i went with a pocket full of cash ,the lady at the shop took one look at me and the coment was you need a miroku as my face is to fat for the browning. she was right on it my eye was no where near the center of the rib
but the mk 70 was right on it for me. Off i went to one of the stands with a brand new gun 20 shots later and a lot of broken clays, later i was back in the shop,i parted with 1100 for a new gun.the following weekend off i went with the big bro to brake some clays then the fun started i ended up with a hole in my thumb from the sharp edge on the safety but he spotted a bigger problem was that it was punching holes in the primers on the bottom barrel back it went to browning a week later i got it back a quick 50 bird sporting later and it was still doing it, this time the shop sent it to a local gun smith now it works fine, and as for the hole in my thumb my dremel soon took the shape bits of the gun. all in all i think it is a cracking gun and worth every penny of the 1100 i payed for it and 400 cheaper than the second hand browning i was after.taz:):cool:

12-12-2008, 09:07 PM
Got my MK70 after borrowing one from Carl Bloxham during a lesson after the bottom firing pin went tits up on my Beretta,

Returned my Beretta to the shop and paid a few quid more for what feels like a gun in a different league.

The centre bead is a nice touch too.

15-01-2009, 09:22 AM
The centre bead is a nice touch too.

yeah, shows if your canting.!

16-01-2009, 09:56 PM
Yep, MK70 is a lovely o/u...I've got one too and rate it highly for build quality.