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    partysausage8 Guest


    A mate has one of these rare chain driven opposed piston jobs and wants to sell it. He has told me it is in superb nick but can't remember the model. He'll tell me next time he sees me but I wonder if anyone could give me a rough guide to prices by model so I can guide him.

    Here's hoping someone can help.

    Thanks in advance,

    Phil S

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    albrown Guest
    Do a search, but to save you time they seem to advertise from £150 to just over £200...

    SBSD bought one for £75 not so long ago, but with a poor stock.

    There were two model, RH91 and a 93. The 93 had a safety catch on and a supposedly better trigger. I don't know if the trigger was any better.

    Hope that helps

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    chris barnes Guest


    I too have just aquired one of these (RH91). I came on here to do a search and the value appears to be nearer the 250 to 300 mark for "superb" condition, a little more if Walnut.

    I'm just looking for drawings plans etc for the rifle now so I can tinker.




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