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Thread: Tasco Custom Shop

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    nick73650 Guest

    Tasco Custom Shop

    I would like to know how much my Tasco Custom Shop 10-40 x 50 scope is worth as i'm thinking of selling it. It's in mint condition, boxed.
    Cheers, Nick.

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    Darren Petts Guest
    Do you mean 8-40 or 10-50?

    The 10-50's are generally regarded as the best of the CS's. Is it a Mk1,2 or 3?

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    nick73650 Guest

    Tasco Custom Shop

    Hi Darren,
    The scope is a Tasco Custom Shop 10-40 x 50 but i think it's one of the later models that were built in China as opposed to the earlier Japanese 10 50's you mentioned. I may be wrong about this (i would appreciate any input from more knowledgeable members.)....but the scope was definitely built in China. How much should i advertise i for?
    Cheers, Nick.

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    Karlos Guest
    Sorry mate you beat me to it. Never heard of a 50mm from end Custom shop
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    Darren Petts Guest
    Chinese are Mk2 I believe and were variable in quality in regard to optics. The front objective should be 56mm though and they definately came in 8-40 NOT 10-40. Assuming it's a 8-40x56 and not a 10-40x50 something else then 220-250 if the optics are good for the scope only. Add more if you've got mounts and big sidewheel etc.

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    nick73650 Guest

    Cheers for info

    Thanks for the input Darren and Karlos. I paid 110 for it a couple of years back so it seems i got a bargain.
    The optics are bright (compared to the other scopes i have - Simmons, Tasco) and i'm very happy with it.
    I'm thinking of selling it because i want to fund a Venom Cobra. I've also bought some vinatge German scopes (whose names escape me at the time of writing this!) and am very impressed by their clarity and robustness. They have the post reticule and are built like a tank. I find they seldom lose zero even after heavy field knocks and this is not due to the mounts as they are the same mounts i used on other modern scopes which shifted zero. I would be interested to hear your views on using these 'older' scopes as i am finding them more reliable than their more modern counterparts.
    I bought the three of them at auction as a single lot for 45 and i recommend any airgunner to at least try them. They have lower magnification (non-variable) but at airgun range are sufficiently powerful. I will never go back to the Simmons, Tasco, Hawke, BSA scopes after shooting with these German vintage scopes despite the ridicule i get from fellow shooters! They don't make them like they used to......
    All The Best, Nick.

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    Hi look after the scope because there is nowhere to get it repaired Last people to deal with thease was Debans. If any major goes wrong you get parts for them I know because I had to sell mine for spares.

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    Guesty Guest

    Are you sure your scope is a 'Custom Shop' with side parallax, not a 'Target' model 10-40*50 with front P/A?
    The Target can be seen at the bottom of this webpage;
    This scope is not in the same league as the Custom shop as regards optics (or price).


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    nick73650 Guest

    Custom Shop

    Hi Guesty,
    It has a side-wheel parallax and has 'custom shop' written across the objective lens in white - i'm looking at it now and i owe an apology to the previous posters who tried to tell me it was a 10-50x56mm. i can confirm that it is a 10-50. I don't know where i got 10-40x50 from - sorry for the confusion. You guys really know your stuff !- you told me what it is - and it's in front of me! If it's as good as you say then i will sell it 'cos i could never do it justice - i've had it for two years and i don't really use it - i didn't even know the magnification!
    I'm not much of a paper-puncher (i am more of a hunting man) and, to be honest, this scope is way beyond use for normal 12fpe range airgum hunting so i'll probably put it on the private sales forum soon.
    Thanks for the info
    ATB, Nick.

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    If it's mint and optically sound, I have seen this model go for as much as 400.

    300 to 350 is the going rate for very good condition.
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    nick73650 Guest


    I paid 110 for it a while back - what a bargain!! It came on a Custom HW77 i bought from an old boy from the Orkney's .......I think i got a bargain on that as well..
    Since you guys seem very airgun knowledge, perhaps you could tell me who built the HW77 . It has a brass trigger guard/trigger and a brass nameplate on the right hand side of the stock with the inscription 'TS Hunter Custom' on it. The stock has a Tyro cheekpiece. i paid 165 for it. Is that a good price for this rifle - i assume it's nothing to do with Venom, but who built it? Any info will be appreciated.
    ATB, Nick.

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    nick73650 Guest


    The funny thing is..i seem to remember trying to get him to bring the price down!!! LOL, Cheeky sod.

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    Darren Petts Guest
    The 10-50 model is the best of the CS's and should fetch around 300 for scope only. Bump the price up for a big sidewheel and mounts etc.

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    nick73650 Guest

    Thanks to all

    Cheers Darren and thanks to everyone who contributed and letting me know the value of the scope - considering that i might have let the scope go for much less i think owe each of you a pint!
    Cheers Guys.
    ATB, Nick.

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    Its a mark 3.
    The Yanks were selling em off at $200 a couple of years ago. el Phillipino/Taiwan.200 to 250.
    The mark 1 were the best from April, 1994.

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