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Thread: My Air Arms s410 leaking air

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    Smile My Air Arms s410 leaking air

    Is there anybody on here having the same problem as me (or had the problem and it was fixed)
    Can anyone give me a clue whats wrong

    Since buying my rifle in September/October 2007 new from a rifle shop it has leaked air about 7 times so the cylinder was completely empty

    I can fill the rifle to go shooting to 190bar after ive finished shooting I leave about 120bar in it come the next morning its empty
    But sometimes the rifle can be ok and not leak so cant understand it
    (since ringing arm airs they told me sometime dirt or grit can get in after filling the rifle and make the rifle leak)
    But surly not as many times ive experienced

    But the problem doesnít stop there
    ive been keeping a eye on this for a while even when I donít go shooting and store the rifle at 170bar after a few days I go to look at the rifle and its empty seams strange to me

    But please remember the rifle can sometimes be fine no leaks at all so I cant understand it
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    next time it empties .. make shure the cylinder is on tight
    also the end valve,
    it doesn't take many smarts to remove the cylinder and end valve to check on the o rings (just make shure its totaly empty before having a go)

    hope that helps,

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    Fit a party balloon over the muzzle, and another over the filler valve. Leave over night. If the barrel one blows up, its the firing valve; with the rifle empty and uncocked, blow through with a bottle to shift any dirt in the valve. If its the filler valve, try the same thing, or replace it. If neither balloons blow up, its the joint between the action and the pressure gauge; replace the two O-rings.

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    i had the same problem with my s400 when i first got it.

    it was dirt in the firing valve, just gave it a blast out with air and never had a problem since.

    pull the bolt back into the slack position NOT COCKED! put your ear to the open action and listen for hissing, if there is a hiss its the firing valve.

    i think its the most common fault ive heard about with the s4** series

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    Check the gauge

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    Mine had a leak which i think was from the firing valve, did the balloon trick and the one on the barrel inflated. So sent it back to the air gun centre and the have subsequently sent it to air arms cause they couldn't sort the problem. So i don't know what is up with it yet. Hoping to get it back soon. Anyone know how long it takes air arms to deal with these things?

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