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Thread: Edgar Bros Model 60 Rebuild ?

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    Edgar Bros Model 60 Rebuild ?

    Newbie here, as you`ll see by the question ! I need to strip ( safely )and overhaul a Model 60 in .22, working, but stood for some time and well down on power. I expect to source and replace piston seal and main spring, clean and relube, then chrono as the gun will be used as a backup on rabbits at 10-15 yards. when ferreting . We occasionally need to humanely dispatch an injured runner,and need to do a proper job, of course ! I would really appreciate your basic advice ( not done this before ), what tools I need ( where would I get a spring compressor , for I need one ?), and where to find parts for this rifle, which has been a great survivor so far..I understand Edgar Bros. are trade sales only..can I adapt parts from something else ? Also,any advice on best pellets for these guns , and what lube to use ? Over to you folks..Can`t wait to hear from you..Thanks in anticipation !!!

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    I've got one of these, I think they are great little guns, the older model as well as the new one with a safety.

    Chambers do some spares.

    Check out the springer tuning guide on here, think its a sticky, for lubes etc.

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    I believe the Edgar Brothers Model 60 is actually made by Hatsan of Turkey. You might want to google and see what you can find.

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