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Thread: Deben Tracer Tri-star pro lamp and lithium battery

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    You use Duvets?

    Nice review and good effort on the follow-up. This sort of review actually is worth-while as opposed to the
    rubbish spouted in the media.


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    Interesting read !
    I'm looking for something to use on my rimfire and this may be it.
    Is the beam adjustable, ie, can you widen or narrow it ? I note you mentioned earlier in the thread that you experianced reflection off the rear of the moderator ? I have had the same problem on previous lamps.

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    Reflection off the rear of the mod

    They are prefocused and not adjustible.I have started to clip the lamp to the underside of the barrel (of the 6.5) and to underside the moderator of the 22. This solves the problem. Deben supply a clip top to grip 1 " Scopes. The flexible lead has had to be replaced. I realise now that the lamp unit did not fail as reported in my earlier post, it was the lead as the symptoms repeated themselves recently and lead replacement (8) solved the problem. I have had the LED for several years now
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