So I too much to drink one night and volunteered to organize this.
We are hoping it will be a laugh so if anybody is local come join us. Gawd knows I could do with the support, and all for a good cause too.

And if you haven't been to the pub before it is an old cowshed.

The Rhythm n Booze Karaoke Machine has tied up with The Taste of England to hold

The Taste Factor

The Taste of England
Lower Henwick Farm
Turnpike Road
Thatcham RG18 3AP
Saturday 5th February 2011 at 7.30pm

Whats it all about?
It's a karaoke competition with all the proceeds going to charity. Our chosen charity is;
"The Rainbow Rooms"
How we gonna do it?
Well entrance fee is 2 on the night. Depending on the amount of entrants we will start off with,

Round 1
30 to 60 seconds of a song of the choice of the competitor. Don't pick one with a long entrance or you may get cut off early. The 3 guest judges will listen and if they do not switch on their lights within the time then the singer is through to the next round. If the 3 lights come on then the horn will sound the music will stop and the singer has not passed that round. Better luck next time.

Round 2
The singers who have passed from round 1 will sing a complete song. Once all the singers have had a chance to sing the judges will deliberate, accept bribes (for charity) and only 5 lucky people will go through to the third and final round.

Round 3
The Judges are now redundant. Each of the five singers gets to sing the final song and it is down to the audience to choose the winner by clapping and making noise. So the more people you bring the more chance you have of winning.
The winner will win a bottle of nice wine. I wanted to give a cheap nasty one but John and Jude said; "No, it's gotta be a nice one"

Are susceptible to change without notice due to the organisers not having a clue what they are doing and it's all for fun and to raise money for charity. Each singer chooses 3 songs (A singer cannot sing the same song twice). First to register gets their song locked into the competition. If a following singer picks a song that has already been chosen then they will be asked to choose another song.
If we muck up we will say "oops, never mind" cos we are doing this to have a fun evening.
The earlier you get there the better chance you have of picking the songs you want to sing.
Order of singing will be chosen at random by names being taken from a hat. If a singer loses their position then they can get the next slot by buying themselves back in for another 2

More Information
The Rainbow Rooms were built as part of a special project organised by the Cancer Care Trust and are based at the West Berkshire Hospital. For more information go to Newbury Cancer Care
The Taste of England is a free house, set in a converted barn, just outside Thatcham in Berkshire, with a friendly and informal atmosphere, traditional pub grub and meals throughout the week.We have a range of beers, with Greene King IPA, and always have a guest ale as well. For more information go to The Taste of Engand