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Thread: Bushnell Laser Boresighter

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    Bushnell Laser Boresighter

    I'm sure many have pondered over getting a bore sighter, essential tool or money wasting gadget ?
    Money wasting while you don't use it, worth It's weight in gold when you do need it.
    Bit like any tool for DIY or car or bike use and whatever your other hobby may be.
    Why do i like wasting money on one ?
    Not so much for sighting in, i actually don't mind takeing my time wasting ammo, it's all practice for breathing & trigger control etc but even so a boresighter is handy for getting the scope semi sorted, handy & more so if sighting in needs to be a quick session.
    Also if i think the scope has taken a knock then a quick check can be made with a boresighter.
    If i think a scope adjustment is playing up, you guessed it, they boresighter can be dusted off & the cross hair checked to be moveing as it should.
    To set up my scope It's a 20min walk there then back plus time to set up, carry any equiptment needed & as I'm useing a PCP I need to be certain the air is topped up.
    A boresighter does belong in the worth It's weight in gold catargory, just like a chrony, collects dust most of the time but hey, when you want one, NOW, just like a boresighter a chrony is used more often than first thought.
    Have I convinced you to spend your money yet ??
    Then read on.
    To save a walk to the farm I bought a Bushnell Laser Boresighter.
    Fair price, good strong box, good packing. Many arbors for different cal' complete with all screws needed plus an allen key, multi langauge instruction leaflet, batteries & dead simple to use.
    You just select the arbor to match your barrel, insert the Bushnell Laser boresighter into the barrel of your rifle, switch on the laser, aim, look through your scope, adjust your scope untill the cross hair is sighted onto the dot you see on your target, remove the Bushnell Laser boresighter, take some shots, tweek the scope & job done.
    There is even a little canvas pouch to put the Bushnell Laser boresighter into plus the arbor of choice with the screw & allen key or indeed you can fit ready but regardless It's easy to carry.
    Still want one ??
    The niggles creep in, batteries ?? no instructions how to change them, the thick instruction booklet becomes very thin when you take away the multi language feature.
    Mention of zero at 50 to 100yds so is it suitable for air rifles ?? plus use in dull light, Ie a cloudy day.
    By now I'm fed up, small fiddly screw & no 177 arbour !! even worse the stem you insert into the barrel is to big to put in a 177 barrel without any arbors.
    It says of the Bushnell Laser boresighter easy & quick to set your scope so you can spend more time shooting.
    By now time is really flying so I get my old Simmons boresighter, couple of minutes later job done in much less time it took to fiddle with the Laser version & get nowhere.
    Ok ok so if you allready have one or you like techie gear or you just want one because they look & sound cool, go & get one, any boresighter is better than no boresighter, just like any chrony is better than no chrony.
    You want a boresighter ??
    Does the Bushnell Laser boresighter sound like just the gadget for you or are you going to check out the alternatives first.
    Bushnell Laser boresighter in action.
    Rabbit Stew, no artificial additives except lead.

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    Bought a Bushnell, sent it back. Rubbish.

    Fitted it to a barrel, pointed it at the wall, held it tight in the barrel to keep it central and twisted it. Result: the laser dot on the wall moved in a 2" circle at 10 feet, which is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard for accurate alignment.

    Perhaps I was just unlucky.

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    Thumbs down Bushnell bore sighter problems

    I bought one of these a few months ago, and found that it was not up to the standard that I had come to expect of Bushnell products. As a bore sighter it was not very accorate, and I would go so far to say it was more of a bore aliner to get you on the target, but not to accorately set up your scope without shooting. You can test for alinement by sticking the sighter in a cordless driil and spinning it slowly. If you get a circle on the wall you know the sighter is out. What you are after is a single dot. You can improve the sighter by putting it in a lathe and using a dial gauge to centre it, but it is a right work up....Bushell have brought out a new unit where you rotate the front of the laser to turn it on/off. It has four grub screws around the front, bot mine were deformed and useless for adjustment of the laser. I think you have to ask yourself is this worth the trouble. I would say that there is nothing wrong with the idea but the engineering quality lets it down.

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    hi guys

    i find it brillaint to check zero before going out

    worth the money in my eyes


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    if you want one get it from ramsbottoms,they have .177 arbour,or did have when i got mine.

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    Nope still a waste of money in my view :-/
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    Bore sighter

    Never had any problems with mine used it on 3 different rifles so far a 97k, hw100 and a 95k all been spot on...yeah you got to ajust elevation about 4-6 clicks at 30 yards but thats expected. The Bushnell I use is the second version where you screw the lazer eye down and fully down i may add dont just leave it loose just because its on...maybe thats the problem some people have? maybe? no problems here with my Bushnell Bore Sighteronly ever used on .22 i must add problems here, just check your using it correctly is the only advise i can offer.

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    Bushnell boresighter

    They are what I would call sub standard, I tested mine in a set of "V" blocks and at 10 feet traced a 2" circle, there is no way of making any adjustments so got one from China that is fully adjustable and works fine. They are a great tool for checking POA for NV kit.

    Cheers Bob

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    How bright is the laser at say 35 yards in daylight?

    If fitted to the barrel would a non shooter be able to see the laser with the naked eye?

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    Does anyone have any links to their boresights that work?


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    I use mine to bore sight 5.56 and 7.62 from time to time but never in my air rifle.

    I found that the unit is badly made and the laser diode is not central in its positioning which could allow a large circle to be made if you rotated it which would be incredibly misleading.

    You could just strip the weapon and boresight it the traditional way by keeping it aimed at an object 100m away and adjust the cross hair onto that point whilst looking through the barrel and sight....

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    Load of kack !!!!!!!!
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