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Thread: Walther CP99 Sport CO2 Air Pistol

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    Walther CP99 Sport CO2 Air Pistol

    Please note that this is NOT my own personal review although I did however find this review extremely helpful.

    Umarex Walther CP99

    This is a superb copy of the Walther P-99 as used by James Bond in the modern 007 movies.
    The gun feel’s good in the hand and looks good to the eye.

    At first glance it’s a real gun. And to all intents and purposes it is indeed real.
    It is powered by standard 12gr Co2 cartridges and the internal rotary magazine holds up to 8x .177 pellets.
    The gun can be fired single or double action giving you the opportunity of fast fire if you don’t mind a slight loss in accuracy. I myself prefer to shoot single action at card/paper bulls eye targets.
    At 10 meters the gun is very accurate when fired single action.
    A laser sight system or lamp can be fitted to the underside of the gun as standard. Another adapter allows a sight to be fitted above the pistol such as a red dot or optical sight.
    A silencer can also be fitted, but beware! The most commonly purchased silencer for this gun costs about 20 to 30 pounds and is nothing but a cosmetic enhancement!
    Your best bet is to buy the adapter and fit a standard air gun silencer to it although this can result in a slight shortfall in accuracy.
    Fast Fire is so much fun, and just about all Co2 pistols and revolvers now have a double action on them.
    The CP99 allows you to fire 8 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger! Fantastic fun for plinking at tin cans and metal knockdown targets.
    The gun is fairly accurate if you can keep the gun sight steady when moving the trigger through its full range of pull.
    I have taken my CP99 to my local pistol range a few times and have enjoyed Bull’s-eye targets as well as Bell Targets and knockdowns.
    The only point I do dislike about this gun is that 8 shots can go in less than three seconds! It’s then time to reload.

    The Co2 bulbs are housed in the valve assembly, the whole thing drops out of the grip of the gun just like a magazine would on the cartridge firing version.
    Loading the pellets into the circular magazine is easy. I personally find that Dynamit Nobel Geco pellets are brilliant for Co2 pistols and for the money (cheapest on the market I have found) they can not be beaten.

    Holding the gun in your right hand and looking at the side there are 3 leavers.
    The one at the top just in front of the rear sight is the De-cocking leaver.
    Just below the slide is the barrel release. Pressing this lets the Barrel and shroud slide forward less than an inch thus opening the breach and allows you to place the circular magazine in.

    Make sure that the raised teeth of the magazine faces toward the rear of the gun.
    Once in place slide the barrel backwards and the magazine holder engages the magazine and lines the pellet up with the barrel and transfer port from the valve.

    The pistol has a very good positive slide safety catch with an inbuilt button that prevents the safety from sliding accidentally to the off position when holstering. You must press this button down before the safety can be disengaged.

    When in the on position a letter “S” is shown at the back of the catch. When the safety is off, the letter “F” is visible in front of the catch, but more importantly a large red indicator is visible, allowing you to tell “at a glance” if the safety is off.

    The gun has interchangeable back straps and for polymer grips it is nicely shaped and dimpled allowing for a positive grip even with hot sweaty hands.

    Mounted at the rear of the large shaped trigger guard is the final lever. This on the live firing pistol as well as the Co2 version can be operated from either the left or the right with a single finger and allows the Magazine to drop out for reloading.
    On the Co2 version, this lever allows the Co2 carrier to drop out.

    To cock for single action, the slide must be pulled back and then released. This is a very realistic feature indeed.

    As a member of the Umarex Boys Club, I regularly compete in the pistol target competition.
    I am not the best shot in the world but I am not the worst either. I find that shooting at 6 yards this pistol to be consistently accurate when I make the necessary aim adjustments. And at 10 meters I have yet to miss a stationary knockdown target or aluminium can.



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    This is a review for a CP99, not the Sport version!
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