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Thread: HW55 with Tyrolean stock

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    HW55 with Tyrolean stock

    Now sold.

    This uncommon beauty is up for sale in the for sale section, if any collectables folk are interested?

    Link HERE.

    The flagship Weihrauch HW55 seems to be coming up for sale increasingly rarely these days, even on eGun. This is a collectable example because it's one of the earlier post-Rekord trigger ones, dating from the early 1960s, as evidenced by the groove at the rear of the trigger block. It's serial no. is around 160K.

    For shooters the HW55 offers versatility because with a soft spring for target ranges they shoot very sweetly, with only a slight nudge or recoil, but if more poke is required they can be easily uprated to 8 or 9 foot pounds. Back in the day, Venom somehow managed to squeeze 11+ foot pounds out of them, apparently.
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    Garvin is spot on with his description of the HW55.

    These are among the best rifles Weihrauch ever made, yes you can get 8 -10ftlbs out of them but they shoot so well at around 6.5ftlbs with the std spring plus they are fitted with a better lighter version of the HW Reckord trigger.

    Don't be put off by their target nature or assume they are on the heavy side they handle and balance perfectly, and you don't have to use that superb barrel lock you can use the rifle without it and its just as good. Plus they are incedibly well made.

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    Hw 55 t

    I have a Venom tuned 55 running at 10.8. Super accurate rifle. Venom also did a barrel conversion on the 55 to .22 cal to get 11.5 out of these rifles. Regards Mach 1.5

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