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Thread: Of interest to everyone in the uk

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    zerogravitas wrote: "Make it difficult enough to own a firearm legally and only criminals will have guns."

    There was an incident a few weeks ago in NSW [Australia] when an armed thug [well known to Police] attempted to force entry into a farm house having tried the same thing a little earlier at another farm house where he was driven off by the owner wielding a 'dangerous' hockey stick. The second farmer 'subdued' the thug by displaying an unloaded rifle - he did not point the rifle at the thug. The Police confiscated the farmer's firearms in consequence.

    It's also rather amusing that the standard Police response is to ring the emergency phone number [000 in Australia], but if one lives way out of town on a farm [as I do] the Police will never arrive in time - a rural home owner is on his own.


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