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Thread: Classic Carbon League - Anyone?

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    I. J. is offline I will stoop lower than a snakes wedding tackle for Relum bits
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec4 View Post
    Who was the witness? Thornton? He'll say anything for a dog biscuit

    Len actually - but then again he'll say anything for a ginger nut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike0006 View Post
    Stop it with the 50 ex 50. It's driving me mad now.
    You should know by now Mike that is exactly what Ingrid wants to do - drive as many people mad as possible - presumably to join him in the local asylum

    First we had the unrelenting running commentary on his CO2 cylinder filling prowess and the "personal best" records he kept breaking - and now we have the 50 ex 50 scores to contend with.

    The only good thing about the 50 ex 50 is that he cannot improve on it and so this should give us all a bit of a rest in the future.......until he start filling those blasted CO2 cylinders again - also the host site for Rossendale Model Target Club since April 2011.

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