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Thread: What's mean a stamp Hull Cartridge weihurach????

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    Quote Originally Posted by secretagentmole View Post
    In the 70s I believe Edgar Brothers were importing the venerable HW into the UK!

    Now your friend's gun has probably come from somewhere like The Sportsman Gun Centre, who fed up with the prices being levied by HC, import the guns themselves. Now remember there have been plenty of problems with HC guns being over power, under powered and generally lousily finished. I would guess that the gun has been checked, but get it checked again for peace of mind. It is as genuine as an HC gun, just HC will refuse to work on it, should there be problems, but would you want the hassle of having to ship the gun to the other side of the country anyway?

    They still charge the same price as everyone else but you get a gun that may have to go back to Germany,I wouldn't have a problem with a grey import as long as I make a bit of a saving but why should I have a grey import to line someone elses pocket ?
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    Both my Weihrauchs have not got the Hull cartridge stamp, admittedly the HW80 is 2nd hand but I bought the HW97K from a well known dealer (Sportsman Gun Centre) last year for 292.00 brand spanking new and kicking out just under 11.5ftlb with a year warrantee and great service, I have since put a tuning kit in and the internals were spot on for a standard gun, none of this chopped spring stuff you hear about just a well put together gun, don't understand all the worrying about if something goes wrong, what can go wrong - a spring snap?? big deal, it would cost more to send the thing back to hull cartridge then replace it yourself.

    Tell your mate not to worry, all the Hull Cartridge snobs at the range should keep there opinions to themselves as they obviously don't know what they are chatting about....just enjoy your gun and shooting.
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    By the time hull cartridge have got your gun repaired, you will be too old to shoot it anyway.

    As mentioned, spares are readily available, and any semi competent diy'er can strip / repair an hw springer.

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