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    Post Reloading Data References

    There seem to have been a few requests for reloading data recently and I thought it might be an idea to have some good reference links to manufacturers reloading data. Powder manufacturers seem to make their reload data freely available, while bullet manufacturers seem to want to make you pay for it.

    Anyway hope these are useful to people

    Vihtavouri Reloading Data 11th Edition 2013

    Vihtavouri Reloading Data 13th Edition 2014

    Vihtavouri Reloading Data 14th Edition 2015

    Hodgeden Reloading Data Centre (includes IMR & Winchester powders)

    Norma Reloading Data

    Speer Reloading Data

    Sierra, not reloading data, but loads on exterior ballistics

    Alliant Powders

    Accurate Powders reloading data

    ADI Powders reloading data

    LoadData website = 253,977 loads in database

    Ramshot Reloading Data

    Almost a one stop shot for links or download of reloading data

    This one is perhaps not as reliable as the others but its a data base of supposedly loads in use by people. Might be useful to find those more esoteric loads but I'd use with caution

    LoadData website = 253,977 loads in database

    for those who would like a single reference for the calibre they shoot, there are a number of one calibre reloading manuals. You can get them from here
    Norman Clarke gunsmith also sells them.

    Lovex Reloading Guide - Added 2/7/13
    Since the NRA armoury is selling Lovex powders now, here is a downloadable PDF of their reloading data

    Reload Swiss

    Hope folks find this useful

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    light loads using pistol powder in rifle

    Got this one, not had chance to try the 45-70 load yet still using my Trailboss. but
    they should be ok.


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