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Thread: Buying a HW95 already tuned, Sandwell field sports or Welsh willie

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    Buying a HW95 already tuned, Sandwell field sports or Welsh willie

    Morning Chaps, I have a question for all you springer tuning experts out there, As i seem to have failed miserably to find a second hand HW95 i'm now looking at buying 1 new, I've decide to go for a tuned gun right from the off and have narrowed my choice down to 2, these being the welsh willie tuned or sandwell field sports tuned guns, As there is only a couple of quid difference in prices between these 2 guns supplied and tuned this decision isn't down to cost but which is the most highly rated, So anyone out there who has 1 or the other or even both and can give me some feedback on which is the best tune up it would be much appreciated

    Cheers Tim

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    I carnt comment on the welsh willy tuned guns as ive never shot or owned one but I do have a sandwell field sports stage 2 tuned hw97kt and its the muts nuts, before my chrono started playing up I did a 10 shot string threw it with a deviation on the fps of 6fps over the 10 shots, pcp accuracy and fps spread of a high end pcp

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    I have a stage 1 tuned HW95 .20 caliber from SFS. Tony imported and tuned it on arrival then sent it to my local RFD. It was my cheapest option for this tuned gun and five years and five guns later it is still my favourite.
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    Tony is a cracking guy to deal with together with his team, i would go as far to say one of the best to deal with in the UK and believe me i have bought from a few.

    I am trying out an sfs tuned HW this coming week when Magnum Mike returns from his hols.


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    Most stage 1 tuned rifles are much the same as the work done is pretty simple but if you want a HW95 in the top state of tune then a 'Banshee' from SFS is a great shooting experience. Is is better than the Venom Hornet? Probably not. If I was looking for any of the market leading tuned rifles-HW77, HW97, HW80, HW95/98 -I'd buy the first one that comes up at the right sort of price. If that was SFS, Venom V Mach or Airmasters I wouldn't care and wouldn't hang around. If I found I didn't like it I'd sell it to someone who did. Tuned rifles are usually quite easy to sell as both serious users and collectors are on the look out for good examples. One thing that really does help is paperwork. Having it can add quite a bit to the price because sadly words like 'Venom tuned' are over-used and in some cases fraudulently used. Recently a friend of mine bought a HW95 with a Banshee-engraved barrel which turned out to be just that: a bog-standard HW95 with a barrel engraved 'Banshee' .Presumably some unscrupulous previous owner had just swapped the actions over. It is essential to have a record of work done matched with serial numbers which sadly SFS appear not to have. My friend contacted them and got no significant help in establishing what had happened which was a shame. I must confess to being surprised that they were indifferent to someone passing off a standard twangy HW95 as a 'Banshee' just because it had 'Banshee engraved on the barrel but there we are. If Tony Wall reads this post I'd be happy to put him in the picture as to what happened.
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    Ive heard good things about both. If I were to choose, it would prob be sfs for me.
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    Try a SFS Spectre. Something else

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    Just out of interest where would a Bigtoe full monty come into this equation?
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    Thanks for the replys, couple of questions though, 1st @ nick-nic whats a bigtoe full monty tune, and 2nd whats the difference between sfs stage 1 & 2 tunes, I have spoken to both Willie and Tony on the phone and tbh i found willie more forthcoming and easier to talk to but Tony did seem to be a bit harrassed at the time so i don't want that to affect my decision.

    Thanks Tim

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    Gooner have you checked Sandwell Field Sports out on you tube . And you can see what Tony is like .

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    Not had any dealings with Tony (but he is well respected).....but I have with Will and he is a top bloke, always very helpful and a pleasure to deal with
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    I'd opt for SFS but I'm biase
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    You're likely to get lots of thumbs up for Tony because nowhere near as many folks will have dealt with Will for a tuned gun - more folks will have bought tuning kits from him, which represent excellent value and offer great results.

    I've dealt with both Will and Tony and unless you're going to spring for a stage 2 tune from SFS there's nothing to separate them IMHO.

    What are (or were) you looking for ?

    I only ask out of curiosity, and because I was lamenting the fact that I never use my tuned .20 HW95 any more.

    It was looking at me very forlornly when I was rummaging in the cabinet today

    Mine was formerly Venom tuned, as in, tuned by Venom, back when they were still Venom.

    These days there seems to be a lot of guns advertised as 'Venom tuned' because it had an after-market DIY kit fitted; so many guns are advertised as Venom tuned when they aren't - often I'm sure it's not a deliberate attempt to deceive, but sometimes....

    Mine now has a Vortek kit installed but still has the old Venom cobra sticker on the cylinder

    Anyhoo, I digress.

    Will does a superb tune, he's a wonderful character and a true gent with excellent customer service. You could say pretty much exactly the same about Tony though. It might come down to which is closer to you...

    Good luck finding what you're looking for - the 95 is a great all-rounder and light enough to carry and shoot all day

    EDIT: just to be clear I was referring to Tony Wall from SFS in the above.
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    I have a sfs stage 2 tuned 97kt and it is amazing I just love this rifle.
    Check out verminhuntertv on you tube there are 4 videos of si pittaway at sfs
    Looking round and getting rifles tuned.
    He has quite a few tuned rifles from tony.its well worth a look his new spectre which
    Started life as an hw 95 he hit beer bottle tops at 60 meters in .22 phenomenal gun and shooting

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    If I were an RFD and I tuned these guns professionally here is what I would do...and what I have just done to my 95/98

    Shorten the piston stroke to 74mm, add front piston bearing (10mm wide PTFE) lighten piston to 250g and add 3x8mm buttons to rear, true piston to rod.
    TP opened to 3.6mm
    new HW type is more efficient(although it looks like they have withdrawn them) and gun 100% lubed with Krytox
    Spring is a new spec I have been working on with Wonky Donky, its based on the LGV spring but of better quality and sized to fit HW pistons superbly
    new tophat and rear guide ( I still have to make the rear guide, using a standard one for the moment while i test)
    Deburr and polish cocking slot, size cocking shoe and polish.
    Quick release cocking lever axis pin ( i did it JB style this time with a flat on the pin and 4mm grub screw tapped on the underside of the hole to hold it)
    Full trigger tune and Rowan straight setback blade, 3mm 1st stage, medium weight and crisp let off
    Mine has a 98 barrel but on a 95 it would get either a shroud or at minimum a 280g barrel/muzzle weight on a 410mm barrel...blued to match. Something like the barrel weight on fatwelshboys.

    However, there is way more than 200quids worth of work there and no one wants to i just do my own.
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