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Thread: Lantac Raven .223 Tactical Competition Rifle. Straight Pull AR-15.

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    Cool Lantac Raven .223 Tactical Competition Rifle. Straight Pull AR-15.

    A few months ago, with the help of this very forum, I made the choice of buying a .223 straight pull AR-15.

    Various makes were mentioned, but the stand out among the current crop for build quality and customer service was Lantac.

    As I'm not that well versed in the .223 AR-15 world, Lantac talked me through my choice and made sure that the rifle will be suitable for me and the type of shooting that I want to enjoy. At no time was I pressured into purchasing a rifle that I didn't want. The few things I did want the rifle came with anyway, chief of those being the .223 Wylde chamber, to allow shooting of surplus 5.56mm ammo.

    The rifle on Lantac's site.
    I'll add pictures of my actual rifle when I'm back in the UK.

    As with any AR-15 personalisation is everything. On a budget, I went with JP Enterprises reduced power springs. This may not be the best trigger, but this gives me a workable trigger that I can learn from. Love the trigger compared to the stock AR-15 that I tried at my local club. I had also collected a few AR parts from other sources. Lantac were happy to accommodate me and fit these during the build. A Magpul MOE+ grip and a ACE butt stock. I have a preference for a fixed stock compared to a CAR style collapsible stock.

    After a few weeks my rifle was built, this worked out well, as I paid 50% on ordering and the rest on collection.
    Living in the north it's a short drive to collect and who can contain the excitement of collecting their new shooting iron. There was no way I could wait for a RFD transfer!

    Getting the rifle home, fitted with sights and out to the range was as quick as the next day. Lucky for me I have keys to a local outdoor range and only need another full member to accompany for safety sake.

    As the range is only 50 yards and I'm running the rifle in, I fitted a Vortex SPARC red dot. Purchased from Riflecraft for my .22 CMMG AR.

    From the bench the sight was zeroed and first impressions of the straight pull. If, like me, you had only used a AR-15 straight pull with the T-cocking handle before then the side charging handle is a revelation! Not only was the fit and finish of the side charger superb, neat touches like the rubber insert on the operation handle, but operation makes complete sense. With practice it becomes second nature to flick the angled grip to the rear, ejecting the spent case and releasing to allow the very neat BCG to strip a round off my Pmag and into the chamber. Unlike other straight pull rifles, my old Steyr AUG for example, this rifle does not take a huge amount of effort to cock. It's possible to keep the target in view through the sight, bearing in mind I was using an unmagnified red dot, while operating the side charger.

    In no time I was shooting 2" groups off hand and burning through my little pile of surplus 5.56mm. Birchwood Casey shoot 'n' see targets are just ideal for this kind of thing.

    As we have many .22 AR shooters at the club as members arrived they all had to have go and all commented on the ease of use and quality of the rifle. This being the north and a spade still being a spade, we're all plain speakers at our range. Juniors and females also remarked on the ease of use.

    I did have a scope to fit, but that scope appears to be faulty and a replacement to be sourced before attempted serious distances in the near future. Probably ask the BBS for recommendations again.

    One thing I do want for my Raven is a new Lantac Dragon muzzle brake. I had the chance to try one out today on a semi-auto M4.
    Double and triple taps with minimal muzzle rise, this is one brake that lives up to it's name! I've not hit a steel plate that many times in quick succession before!

    Enough writing, I'll update as I stretch the rifles legs in the near future.

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    I have one as well , Its my second AR as the first one put me off a bit top be honest. I did not think they could be accurate at all. I had shot another one at Bisley and found that to be amazing hence me going for the first but I did not have the same luck. Anyway i went for a Lantac and I must say the service was second to none , the waiting time was no problem and then the gun was spot on in every way possible. It looks and feels amazing and I smile every time I use it . I was worried about getting another Border barrel to be honest but so so glad I did. I am glad you like yours, there are a few of them about now and I think there might be far more in the future. I put a Nightforce on mine and I am glad I did because the groups are so small you need good glass to see them !

    All in all I am the same as you , loving the Lantac !

    Hope you have great fun with it , I know I am !!

    Remmi 243, Remmi .223 SPS , LANTAC Raven .223 ( Amazing gun! ) Remmi 870 Supermag.12g,CZ 511 .22lr, Sig Sauer 522, Remmy 700 .308 MDT Tac 21 FAC Air JB BSA Super Ten. .17 Hornet CZ.

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