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Thread: MTC Viper connect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kat1 View Post
    I have used one for the last 4 months, absolutely love it. Mmm...guess it is a bit marmite, but if you can get on with it...cor, what a little gem. Have AMD ret in mine-no complaints. I think I may over time buy another or maybe two. Completely solve/fix any scope purchases for evermore as far as I'm concerned. The best bit by far (for me) is the fact that I have to be exactly in the same position everytime to see clearly, there is no compromise. Not a bad thing methinks.

    Got a second one for my new Regal. Went for scb ret this time. Equally pleased with scope.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 247sniper View Post
    It does not appear to damage the scope itself but may damage the twisting eye relief cup. As long as you turn the eye relief cup in so that it won't be holding the weight of the camera on it etc on it it should be fine???
    Disagree snaps off the twisty bit as you put the rubber tube on..also the rubber tube has to be a shortened version...i know i had a perfectly good scope put a ns200 on it and it was then fit for scrap as i could not sell it if i wanted to ..Never put an NS200 on a connect

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    Just bought one, an issue with this scope is limited dioptre adjustment which for my eyes doesn't allow me to get the reticle sharp. I found a solution by finding a 30mm +2 close up filter fits precisely into the eyecup, and corrects the reticle into perfect focus. It does increase the mag very slightly, but its easy to wind it down a bit to restore the 10x if thats what you want.

    Hope this helps others who have perhaps given up on this scope due to the limited dioptre adjustment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 247sniper View Post
    Hi guys,

    What is this scope like for the use on a sub 12 air rifle for short range vermin and for using night vision like the Note site etc on. I have seen one in the flesh and it looked and felt good, however i haven't tried it in the field for real life use.

    Can anyone comment on the above scope please?

    Many thanks in advance.

    No use for hunting in my opinion,on a cold misty morn or night the eye glass fogs up immediately,s funny its not been mentioned expensive mistake!!

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