As my first full bore rifle I wanted to get it right, I put a lot of time looking at Remington, Sako, Tikka and Howa switching between the 4 at various points but I chose the Remington 700 and I'm 100% glad I did. It might not be for some but I love playing around with my firearms, tweaking them and making them that little bit more personal and suited to me and the Remington 700 offers just that.

I haven't just found this gun to be a platform to build on but also a damn accurate rifle, as long as you don't ask me to go past 600 yards (shooter not the gun). With it only having very minor modifications; re-crown, bedded action and tactical bolt handle, this gun is pretty much as it comes out of the box and it will hold its own. I've even tied against an AI AX .300 Win Mag.

The SPS variant offers a slightly uprated stock to the base model however the internals and action are untouched. The thick 26" varmint barrel makes it perfect for the application I wanted it for, a long distance v-bull hitter, this isn't something to be carrying around the field for hours unless you hit the gym but it's quite at home on the range come rain or shine.

A full video review can also be found here: