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Thread: Sub 12fpe long ranges

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    Quote Originally Posted by archie View Post
    On a really still day at 100 yards myself and a good shooting mate can hit tin cans about 4 out of 5 times. Shooting a tx200 .177 off a bench. Not really up to VHTV accuracy but quite good enough for us.
    As previously posted on your last long range thread buddy.
    Welcome to attend the vhtv charity weekend and have a bit of a laugh with some shooting thrown in you never know you might enjoy it. Can forward dates and details if you wish

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    i love shooting long range as its a good challenge, i hit a 10mm reduced target at 75yards 3 times in a row in a competition only to take home the cash prize alot of eye whitnesses too but the lonest range is-
    range: 110 yards
    target: 3 inch exploding targets
    rifle: hw100 full length

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    I shoot a Walther LGM-2 10mtr indoor rifle out to 100 yards, its 5.5fpe and .177, running diopter sights.

    When the weather plays ball its possible to get a 3 inch group, when its windy…. dream on !!

    I must say this rifle amazes me with its consistency, its meant for indoor 10mtr, and yet holds its own against 10-11fpe rifles using scopes and what must be considered crazy ranges considering its power, its a damn fine gun. I've had a hit on a 40mm knockdown at 100 yards, standing, and a bullseye shot on a 3 inch shoot-n-c target, again at 100, but this time I was sitting.
    Walther LGM2 .177 / TX200HC & Falcon 4-14x44 FFP SF .22

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta303 View Post
    I shoot a Walther LGM-2 10mtr indoor rifle out to 100 yards, its 5.5fpe and .177, running diopter sights.
    I love the LGM-2 and have a real soft spot for the SSP match rifles (I shoot a Steyr LG1 myself) so awesome to hear they are keeping up with the full power guns!!

    I've just put the deposit down on a FX Independence which will be my new bench/long range gun, excited to get it setup and dialled in!!
    Slightly obsessed with Single Stroke Pneumatics...

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