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Thread: Sub 12fpe long ranges

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    Sub 12fpe long ranges

    Whats the longest you've all shot then with less than 12fpe?

    My clubs longest range taps out at 72 yard with a 40mm kill zone target, which is the furthest I've ever managed to be consistent at.

    No real reason for post just interesting to hear about pushing the limits of legal power
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    Benchrested with a 5.5x25x50 milldot bushy scope , its 100metres at my local range. One breezeless early morning did 12 hits out of 12 onto a 40mm spinner from my .20rapid and 5 consecutive hits onto a 15mm spinner with my .177 rapid. On windless days I also manage a hit rate of about 2/10 aiming at spent .22 cartridges at 100yards although hit rate falls to about 1/100 if its even a little breezey.


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    Coke tin (bottom) @ 107 yds.
    .177 ProSport & .177 HW97.
    From bench.
    Just a slight breeze.
    Not bad for springers.

    Plan to try hitting empty cartridges when/if the summer still air arrives.
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    On a really still day at 100 yards myself and a good shooting mate can hit tin cans about 4 out of 5 times. Shooting a tx200 .177 off a bench. Not really up to VHTV accuracy but quite good enough for us.

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    75 yards

    I shoot my 10.5 fpe .177 at a 50mm spinner and hit it quite often from the kneeling position off my bum bag.
    Soda cans are pretty easy at 75 as well.when I get past 80 things seem to fall apart.
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    Our club put on a mega bench rest shoot a while back. Two ten-shot cards to be shot at 60 yards and one ten-shot card at 80 yards. The comp was spread over five lanes laid out in a fan shape so the orientation to the wind was different for each lane. Competitors drew lots for their first lane, then their next two rounds were on different lanes each time.

    Each person had a sighter card and a scoring card. No limit to the number of sighters but you had to put ten shots in the scoring card, in 12 minutes.

    Can you believe it, we had just taken on a new member a few weeks beforehand and he hadn't bought his own rifle yet, so I offered to lend him my Airwolf (177 shooting 10.3 grain JSB heavy) and the blighter went and won the competition.

    It's fired up a lot of enthusiasm for long range bench rest shooting and we've just completed a four-lane permanent 50 metre facility to meet members' demands. Ask for Rich and try the coffee

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    With a ds mk3, air ranger, huntsman classic and a couple others in 177 sights set at about 50 yards I normally go one bobble to hit coke cans at 100 yards. Myself I prefer long distance plinking

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    My prefered mag vs dot ratio expires at 60yds .22 and 80yds .177. My setup allows a hit to a golf ball in winds up to 20mph with pretty much 95% success. No finger in the air just solid data.
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