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Thread: MTC Optisan EVX 5 - 20 x 50i 2nd Focal Plane Scope Review

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    MTC Optisan EVX 5 - 20 x 50i 2nd Focal Plane Scope Review

    I have been asked to review the above scope and later the Viper Pro so, for the moment, I am reserving this spot for this purpose.

    I have been a shooter for a while starting off in FT and then HFT before becoming more focused on pest control shooting from air, rim fire through to centre fire.

    I will state now I have always been a fan of MTC scopes primarily because I just love the SCB ret.

    I have used 30/30 to good effect, Mil Dot too but the SCB I liked from the very first day its image burned itself onto the back of my retina.

    I was a fan of the Viper with the target turret but as my rifle number grew, the wider turrets started to cause issues re space so I switched to the Mambas....

    Most of the MTC's get used on sub and FAC air and also .22LR and HMR. I have a big boy Nightforce with an NPR2 ret so the ladder ret theme is maintained. It just works with my brain but I understand those that find it too info rich. I have the same issue with rets like an MP8 which is basically mil and half mil substensions but they can be very busy and I find myself forever recounting the dots and dashes. This is a pain as I will often break away from the ret to look at the back stop......wind movement and mirage etc. so I have to recount again. I don't get that with the ladder Xmas tree rets - much more instinctive when you know your POI's.

    I declare I know Gary & Sammie as fellow shooters and friends but I have always bought my own kit and I believe in giving a "warts and all" report as there is little point in anything else for me.

    It allows you to make educated decisions and there are many times when I have wished "I would have liked to have known that BEFORE I BOUGHT THAT....". Sure I am not alone on that one. It also give the maker the opportunity to listen to customer feedback and adapt further product to suit the task even better. Win Win.

    I have not really had the opportunity to have a proper session with it - I have strapped it to an HMR (my go to rimmie) to give me an idea for close and longer range and it might go on a centre fire if I get the opportunity to do so.

    I have to say that the image and clarity is noticeably better than the its predecessor and as I do an awful lot of night pest control under the lamp (red), I never felt the Mamba was too shabby in that department bearing in mind the balance between value for money, build and customer support.

    I have also handed the bare scope to various fellow shooter and all have commented as to how bright and clear the image is so I think that this is going to be a vey good selling point for this scope. Most of these are benchers so they are quite fussy about their optics. Low light was also very good indeed - a traight I am glad has been carried forward.

    As I said, other than whiting out some of the MTC scopes when the light source was going down the front end, I didn't think the optics were at all under performing on the originals.

    But the new glass is definitely a step up and a big step too.

    I will let you have a full review asap.......

    If there are any specifics you would like me to test please PM me but keep this thread free to keep it more review orientated and people don't have to wade through lots of detritus


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    Nice review!

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    I'm in same mind as yourself I like the MTC scopes and have done for years,
    I'd be very interested in your take on the viper pro I bought one couple of months ago and getting on quite well with it but strictly a layman
    and would very much appreciate an insight from someone with a bit more knowledge than me especially on the range tape


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