I have a small permission and its open to dog walkers so I only shoot at night (rabbits) also close by are some houses, so I am very conscious of noise, not so much of spooking the quarry but more not to draw attention to myself.

I have a CZ .22 and use RWS subs

I started with a WildCat whisper, which I found was OK but was never that impressed so I hunted for something better and after reading a load of reviews I got myself a ASE Utra, now honestly this does have to be the best I have ever found and have been using it for a while. But as good as it is it has one major problem, it's heavy, like really heavy...

I saw an advert for the A-TEC Wave and thought I would try one, first this is it a tad shorter and massively lighter and very well made...

Testing this at the club I found that it's not as good as the ASE but it's VERY close and very hard to tell the difference, so for something smaller and lighter I thought it was really impressive. My only other finding at 50 yards the POI was about an inch higher. Groups the same.

So for the size, cost, build quality I am very impressed.