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    A-TEC wave moderator

    I have a small permission and its open to dog walkers so I only shoot at night (rabbits) also close by are some houses, so I am very conscious of noise, not so much of spooking the quarry but more not to draw attention to myself.

    I have a CZ .22 and use RWS subs

    I started with a WildCat whisper, which I found was OK but was never that impressed so I hunted for something better and after reading a load of reviews I got myself a ASE Utra, now honestly this does have to be the best I have ever found and have been using it for a while. But as good as it is it has one major problem, it's heavy, like really heavy...

    I saw an advert for the A-TEC Wave and thought I would try one, first this is it a tad shorter and massively lighter and very well made...

    Testing this at the club I found that it's not as good as the ASE but it's VERY close and very hard to tell the difference, so for something smaller and lighter I thought it was really impressive. My only other finding at 50 yards the POI was about an inch higher. Groups the same.

    So for the size, cost, build quality I am very impressed.

    Itís sometimes best to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid rather than open your mouth and dispel all doubtÖ

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    Had one a while now great little mod.

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    Pardon my intrusion on an A-Tec thread,

    Just wanted to comment on the weight as mentioned by DaveC, yes that is one of the reasons why we decided to introduce the new ECO .22 suppressor.

    Lighter, simpler to clean and more economic in price, compared to our DUAL suppressor.

    The DUAL is still more effective on a pistol length barrel, but the ECO and DUAL are pretty much equal on a rifle barrel.

    Best Regards!

    Tuukka Jokinen
    Ase Utra sound suppressors

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