These are not common in the UK, but I think they should be as it's an excellent product. Here is the web page of the manufacturer. Mine is the standard adjustable model which is intended for use on typical sporting stocks, but they also make versions which are suitable for the AR-15, AK, and various other rifles.

I was in the market for a cheek rest that required no modification of a rifle stock to fit. These types of cheek rest are usually a fabric cover which attaches to the stock by means of velcro straps. The height of the comb is adjusted by placing material under the cover, sometimes inside it depending on the design.

Upon asking for advice as to which option people felt was best, I was quickly directed towards the Bradley. It was a little over double the price of the traditional fabric alternatives, only available from abroad, and there was no guarantee it would fit the unusual rifle stock I intended it for.

After watching several very positive reviews of it on YouTube and several equally negative ones about the fabric options, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and order one. The process of ordering was remarkably easy, something that isn't often true of purchasing firearms accessories from America, and the communication from the manufacturer was excellent.

About a week and a half later it arrived. It came packaged in a drawstring bag with extra velcro straps, instructions, a keyring with the manufacturers logo, and a business card!

After a brief look at the instruction manual, I set about fitting it to the rifle, a process which only took around five minutes. It's secured by two adjustable velcro straps on the bottom which wrap around the underside of the stock, one velcro strap which wraps around the rear of the recoil pad, and a piece of non-slip gripper pad which fits between the cheek rest and the stock.

Adjusting the comb is achieved by removing the four screws on the right and left hand sides of the cheek rest, moving it to one of the four optional positions, and then replacing the screws. There are rubber washers which fit between the two parts of the cheek rest, preventing over tightening. The manufacturer lists the comb height as being adjustable from 3/8" of an inch to 1.1/2" inches.

Once everything is set as required, you can easily remove or install the cheek rest in under thirty seconds. This is useful as, on a bolt-action, it does tend to block the bolt from being removed or inserted in the receiver. Since the cheek rest can be adjusted for forward and rearward position on the stock by means of its rear strap, it shouldn't interfere with cycling the bolt on most rifles.

It's made of a very rigid kydex, rigid enough not to flex or give when acquiring a proper cheek weld. I have it fitted to a walnut stock with a fairly slick finish and I haven't had any issues with it shifting back or forth under recoil. The rifle is fairly heavy and only chambered in .308 Win, but I haven't heard of issues with them on larger calibre firearms.

In use it's very comfortable and doesn't rub or bash my face. I haven't yet fired more than 60 or 70rnds with it fitted, but that's usually long enough for issues with comfort or shift to surface, depending on recoil. I doubt many of us fire hundreds of rounds through a large calibre centrefire without a break, but if you do, I wouldn't like to guess as to whether or not shift would become a problem.

Overall this product really has done exactly what I required. It gives a repeatable cheek weld and large increase in comb height, it's easy to fit and remove, it doesn't damage the stock, and it's very durable. All this without any stock modification being necessary!

I will try and add some photos to this thread and also see if it fits things like a No. 4 stock, AK stock, AR-15/M16A2 stock, and possibly a few others.

*If fitted to a wooden stock, it's best to remove the cheek rest after use. It could discolour the wood if left in place for a long period, like slip-on recoil pads sometimes do.