Firstly sorry for the delay, please find attached the score from our Christmas Shoot. Score cards where counted and unfortunately some scores needed adjusting.

This year we tried a new format, a team event consisting of 2 shooters, one Shooting Springer and the other PCP.

1st (93) "Wusses Wangers"
Ali James & Russ Inns

2nd (88) "Boing Free"
Paul Somerville & Scott Somerville

3rd (87) "The Long Shots"
Steve Haworth & Mick White
"The Cunning Stunts"
Nick Byrne & Don Vickers

4th (85) "Squaddie Kats"
Steve Cumming & Kev Catt

5th (83) "Ex Bucks"
Paul Blaxall & Steve Lucas
"New Kids on the Block"
Mike Holland & David Henderson
Andy Clark & Pete Vidler

6th (81) "Living the Dream"
Vince Blackman & Martin Harwood

7th (80) "?????"
John Meekin & Steve Pike

8th (79) "The Nicky Nackie Noos"
Justin Parrott & Neil Parrott

9th (78) "One Foot in the Grave"
Mike Seagrave & Terry Trott
"Metal Tree"
Dean Yaxley & Colin Medway

10th (73) "Al 4 Bytes"
Alan Rowe & Mike Cripps

11th (72) "Beat Dad Again"
Paul Knight & Emma Knight

12th (70) "Booze Brothers"
Dave miller & Greg Miller

13th (61) "Missed Again"
Nigel Grigsby & Chris Keogh

14th (58) "Squatch Hunters"
Cameron MacCallum & Jamie MacCallum

15th (55) "Springer Spaniels"
L Stephenson & Bill Young

The course was set to "Meon Rules" I.e some targets out to 45+ yards and reducers (15mm) to well over 25 yards. To top this off the shot wasn't always clear to the target so we had to stretch and find a path, unfortunately for some twigs got in the way.

Special thanks go to Mr Tennant and his wife for supply the chilly and beer after the shoot it was much appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

The day was finished off with a free raffle where shooters donated unwanted Christmas gifts (plenty of alcohol) where someone else could have the chance to win it.

Many thanks to all involved in the day.