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Thread: HFT Masterclasses 2017

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    HFT Masterclasses 2017

    Due to the success of the Masterclasses last year, we at HFT Masters have decided to have an extended calendar this year to incorporate classes at Petes Airgun Farm in Essex, and classes at MADARC where we can hold more advanced days to introduce participants to full on HFT.
    To be held on Saturdays as listed.
    These are being sponsored again by The Airgun Centre and Gunmart.

    March 11th at Petes - Stage 1
    March 25th at MAD - Stage 2
    April 15th at Petes - Stage 1
    May 20th at MAD - Stage 2
    June 3rd at Petes - Stage 1
    July 8th at MAD -Stage 3
    Aug 19th at Mad Stage 3

    The days will be aimed at people who don't necessarily shoot competitively, but would like to know a bit more about the great sport of HFT, maybe seeing what it is all about before buying their first rifle or the many plinkers who would want to pop along and see how to get the best out of their equipment to improve their enjoyment.

    Typically the classes at Petes will cover the basic shooting positions and equipment set up, then we will compliment these classes with the ones held at MAD where we will go through course knowledge, shooting in wind, shooting elevated targets etc on the stage 2 days, then shooting a full course in the woods on the stage 3 days.

    We will have several experienced shooters at these events who have experience of all types of shooting disciplines, to share their knowledge.
    There will be several different rifles available to try, including springers.
    It does not matter what rifle you shoot, what sights/scope you use or your shooting ability, pop along and see what makes this hobby great.

    The days will start at 10am and finish at 3pm, with a break for lunch.
    The cost on the stage 1 days will be £10 for adults and £8 for juniors,
    Stage 2 days will be £15 for adults and £8 for juniors
    Stage 3 days will be £20 for adults and £8 for juniors
    to include tea,coffee and bacon/sausage sandwiches or rolls for lunch.

    Don't worry about the weather as Pete has left quite a few options open to us if it is not possible to shoot outdoors on the days.
    If you are attending classes at MADARC it will be outside, (all part of the experience) so be prepared.

    If you are interested and want to register for any of the classes please contact Pete at the airgun farm on 07973509198, drop me a pm,
    or contact The Airgun Centre Rayleigh.

    We had a fantastic series last year with good positive feedback from all participants, some of them had travelled over 2 hours to attend and will be seen shooting their first HFT comps in the near future. Good luck to you all.
    We appreciate that it is a lot to take in over 1 session, you are all welcome to attend again.
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    if you guys are going to run a day to teach people to get in the 50s, ill pay for Roger to attend
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    100% Well worth going to! these are a great day out, fantastic value for money, you will learn a lot and have a right laugh.... you wont be disappointed!

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    Big thanks to Rog, Ian, and the crew at Petes Farm for the first stage 1 masterclass.
    My daughter and older daughters boyfriend had a good time and learned a great deal in a short time in a friendly and relaxing atmosphers.
    Suprisingly,my daughter who does not like to be competitive but managed to be good enough for a shoot out at the end of the day is keen enough to want to do stage 2.All the scores were close and lots were learned during the teach in;especially how to bare foot kneelers and a unique way to shoot prone with a leg balancing arrangement.
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    Its the Masterclass this weekend at MAD . Come along and see if there is anything we can show you ? I am sure you can pick something up . Its going to be windy but fun . Come and see what we do there .

    See you all tomorrow

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