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Thread: Gletcher Nagant Pellet Pistol

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    Gletcher Nagant Pellet Pistol

    I bought one of these new last July, by post. All was well for the first six CO2 capsules & then terrific leakage from around the capsule neck. I contacted the dealer who was very helpful & agreed to send me a new seal. I have been contacting them by email & telephone regularly since. They are always helpful but nothing happens. With great difficulty I removed the seal & it looked OK. As nothing was happening with the dealer I put it back in again. All was OK for two capsules & then the leaking began again. Anyone got any idea`s.? The biggest problem for me is to get out the threaded sleeve that holds the seal in. I need a tool that will allow me to tighten it properly as I believe that as the seal did not appear damaged then it must be being displaced when the capsule is tightened.

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    Sorry I cannot help you with you problem I had the steel bb version and loved it I intended to buy a pellet shooting one but could not find one our German friends only seem to sell the steel and plastic bb version in the end I sold the one that I had as I did not use it and it was so lowed.

    Having said that I loved the one that I had in single action they are very accurate I would have loved a pellet version but for what it would get used its not worth spending the money I make do with a couple of small airsoft revolvers J frame S&W they are so realistic unfortunately not very accurate over more than a few yards and then I have my beloved webley premier in .22 I will never sell that one.

    What do you think of the Nagant pellet version.

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    Dremel ?

    I am about to service my own Co2 airpistols .
    The Seal for the gas bulb can be heated up - hot water then pressed firmly into and under any retaining band .

    However , for a proper strip down , a better 'tool' can be made up relatively easily .
    Some thin alloy , brass , steel .
    I have an old tv aerial that was to be thrown out - I kept back the rear metal signal catcher ...flat sheet of stiff ally - purfick !
    I will hacksaw or Dremel a small rectangular piece to the dimensions of the two slots in the Retaining Band that hols the Co2 seal .
    Probably better to cut oversize then flatten back with a file .

    Measure , cut roughly , file smooth .
    For the central area you would want to make a small area to fit over the actual piercing part - simply get a needle file and make a small semi round indent to allow the tool to fit in the slots without snagging the piercing 'tip' .
    This can then be inserted into a wood dowel to form a handle or simply grabbed in a pair of pliers .
    I intend to make a couple at the same time for some of my main users ...these seals put up with a LOT of pressure each bulb insertion and they cope with Co2 gas sometimes blasting out when removing the near empty bulb .

    Last resort ...Hmmmm Swop it to me !
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