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Thread: Bench Rested Target Air Rifle.

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    If I were able to spend two grand, I'd almost certainly go for a FWB, Walther or Steyr.

    But then there would be the scope to think about.

    I wish I was in the land of cotton.

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    Steyr LG110

    I shoot with a Steyr LG110 in several NRSA type comps, also competing against .22LR rimfire.

    The Steyr holds its own and is more accurate than I can be...with the right pellet, set up, barrel maintenance ect.

    The advantage of this gun is that the barrel is easily changed as is the fps. It can be easily converted to 10M if you fancy trying that also. It is readily changed from right to left and visa versa and there are many available at around the 1000 mark second hand...try shooting the breeze...lots appear on there. The stock is infinitely adjustable. It has a grove to accommodate a rest if allowed in your chosen comp or a fitting can be rigged up so you can use it and fits neatly onto an adjustable rest for the BR.22 type comps.

    It's easily worked on for cleaning, comes apart in a few minutes.

    Lots of expert gurus to help you out with parts and servicing also.

    Scope wise for BR on this I've tried Big Nikko x50, Leupold BR36, Sightron BR36 and Vortex Golden Eagle. The Big Nikko was as good as any and second hand they can be had for about 400, also on here and STB. The only issue with the big nikko is the size of the dot but at 50 mag it's not really a problem.

    If you plumb for a quality high mag scope then the world of FT also opens up to you. Lots of versatility and bang for your buck !!

    Good Luck !

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