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Thread: Kral puncher breaker synthetic bullpup

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    kral breaker bullpup

    I would think it is a case of they have had so many returned they are taking a while to catch up , I decided to bite the bullet and buy one last week no Rfd I got in touch with had any they were all so fed up with them being returned the sent them all back .
    I would think this would be the ideal opportunity to test them and any found ok sent back out and the others bought up to scratch

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    Another club mate was having problems with accuracy on his, this one in .22 and was shotgun spreading. On inspection the pellets were clipping the muzzle/air stripper, I took it off and accuracy was excellent. Didn't want to risk screwing a mod onto it to decide whether it was the threads on the barrel or the stripper. I suspect it's the barrel threads. Maybe this is the cause of the many guns accuracy problems? His had a alloy scope rail and apart from the thread issue I loved shooting it

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