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Thread: Southern Hunters Results MAD Round 7

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    Southern Hunters Results MAD Round 7

    Many thanks to the whole team at MAD (you know who you were!) for a course that suited the wind...... you will not be surprised to know today was the lowest average score of the whole season.....Thanks also to Chris, Graeme, Gary and Aaron for signing folk in and marshalling

    The trophies today went to the following:
    1st Richard Woods
    2nd Steve Edmondson
    3rd Ray Hampton
    Kyle Hampton (following a shoot off)
    Melanie Waklin
    George Danvers
    Ed Tandi
    Jean Greatrex

    The bonus bunny was won by Geoff Ryder

    The score were as follows (full league table is going on face book and the SHS website)
    First name Surname Class Score
    Richard Woods Open 57
    Steve Edmondson Open 56
    Ray Hampton Open 55
    Colin Wilson Open 54
    Simon Vant Open 52
    Mike Seagrave Open 52
    Tom Willingham Open 51
    Annar Ghazi Open 51
    Jenny Stone Open 50
    Ian Clark Open 50
    Andy Simpson Open 50
    Jill Cochrane Open 50
    Chris Roberts Open 50
    Glen Pickard Open 50
    Paul Wetton Open 49
    Simon Whittick Open 49
    Steve Willingham Open 49
    Richard Bailey Open 49
    Maciek Pajek Open 48
    Gary Morrison Open 48
    Matt Tillett Open 48
    Jack Houghton Open 48
    Bailey Danvers Open 48
    Mike Averill Open 47
    Alex Larkin Open 47
    Kevin Maw Open 47
    Aaron Friend Open 46
    Chris Moore Open 46
    Danny Roff Open 46
    Simon Marriott Open 45
    Kevin Wickson Open 44
    Matt Green Open 44
    Jonathan Houghton Open 44
    Roger Lait Open 44
    Keith Warburton Open 43
    James Wingfield Open 43
    Howard Kalisch Open 42
    Jason Lockett Open 42
    JP Lamoureux Open 42
    Anthony Smith Open 41
    John Miller Open 41
    Kevin Catt Open 41
    Len Smith Open 40
    Mariusz Morzuch Open 40
    Max Lambert Open 40
    John Newton-May Open 39
    Simon Watling Open 38
    David McCathie Open 38
    Jonathan Franklin Open 36
    Simon Eley Open 35
    David Angel Open 35
    Richard Knight Open 35
    Keith Paddington Open 32
    Kevin Menaman Open 32
    Lee O'Keefe Open 29
    Neil Wakelin Recoiling 50
    Kyle Hampton Recoiling 50
    Jason Danvers Recoiling 49
    Nigel Wood Recoiling 49
    Vince Holland Recoiling 46
    Rex Bennett Recoiling 46
    Gary Chillingworth Recoiling 45
    Charles Peal Recoiling 43
    Harry Kalaydjian Recoiling 41
    John Lacy Recoiling 38
    Roy Pearce Recoiling 38
    John Kirkwood Recoiling 35
    Philip Stokes Recoiling 34
    Andy Sexton Recoiling 34
    Jean Greatrex Veteran 52
    Geoff Ryder Veteran 49
    Ron Whitney Veteran 47
    Philip Jacobs Veteran 47
    Bill Chaplin Veteran 47
    Mike Isaac Veteran 47
    Fin Cochrane Veteran 46
    Tony Ward Veteran 46
    Bob Brand Veteran 34
    Ed Tandi 0.22 42
    Nick Byrne 0.22 41
    Paul Wingfield 0.22 37
    Rob Gillett 0.22 13
    George Danvers Junior 47
    Georgina Moore Junior 41
    Branden Roff Junior 33
    Matt Tillett Junior 30
    Jessica Watling Junior 29
    Mel Wakelin Ladies 43
    Penny Holland Ladies 42
    Abi Maw Ladies 41
    Barbara Pearce Ladies 36
    Sophie Smith Ladies 31
    Wayne Marriott Open dnf

    Look forward to seeing you all at Lea Valley on the 26th Feb
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    Very many thanks to MAD for hosting such a fantastic event; and to Charles and his helpers for attending to the admin and management on the day. A brilliant, clever course with a demanding wind (well done for arranging that too). I shot like a plank but that takes nothing away for a great morning's shooting. Well done. A benchmark IMHO !!


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    Go Jeanie

    Rather relieved that I didn't show at MAD today, only to be thrashed by you (lots of others were, including all the other Vets).

    Well done.

    Rapid MkII .22, AA400C .177, AA MPR .177, AA Prosport .177, AA TX200, AA FTP900, HW75 .177, HW45 Silver Star .22, and my dear ol' Webley Ranger .177 (circa 1966) Mile Oak - WEB SITE Air Arms HFT Team member

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    One of the toughest courses I have ever shot with my .22 - but nonetheless a hugely enjoyable one that put a big smile on my face on many occasions throughout the day

    Thanks to Richard and his cohorts for putting together a very carefully and cleverly thought out course, and to Charles and his team for all the hard work that they put in to ensure the rest of us had a cracking day's sport.

    Thank you also to Penny and Mariusz for their excellent company today - it was great fun shooting round with you both, which added towards making Round 7 one of this winter's "stand-out" shoots
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    It wasn't until i scrolled up that i realised they were scores....Not Peg numbers......

    Great shooting Jean!

    That Spider Man is a real Wiley old Coyote dont'cha know!!

    Sounds like i missed a good one! i like the wind as well, nice and scary!
    SIHFT Winners 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - AND 2014....2015..2016...oh look back at green...running out of colours! Ha!

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    Thanks guys for your good wishes, really thrilled to have won a trophy at last!!!
    Thanks to Aaron and Graeme for your company.
    Dop always excels with his courses and hopes the wind will provide the entertainment!!!!!
    See you all at Lea Valley.
    Jean x

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    when i helped Dop set some of the course out i told him he wasnt gonna be making any friends.
    i really did have a good day and have enjoyed my first southern hunters.....
    seems that if you were my good luck Jean, i was your curse.... congrats on a great win
    unfortunately i wont be able to make the Lea Valley shoot due to Hospital appointments so have a good one
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    Really good day that ... The MAD wind was playing me up, luckily not just me though , my range estimation was great but the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clockers were making me wince
    ... great course, great day, great people as always...

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    Cheers to you MAD lot great course and wind..give me a royal hiding enjoyed it though cheers jean for the company and top bit of lead flinging. Atb Aaron

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    Great day and very good course as always by Richard and his elves and shame i shot like a pr@tt

    Fab food too by Michelin star chefs Ian Bainbridge Top Man

    Well done to all the winners

    Big thanks to Doppa for my Spider gift Cheers fella

    Roll on the Valley and my Ex home turf not that it makes any difference lol

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    Have to say agree with everything that's been said about MAD. Great targets, even trickier than normal (if thats possible). Crowzilla once again got the better of me . I had the pleasure to be shooting just ahead of Richard and pointed out to my son (just starting out), to watch him shoot. Inspiring! Doubt i'll ever reach that standard, but i'll have fun trying.

    Great to see Ian rustling up the food (Even better when he's shooting the course though ). Best cheeseburger i've had from a shoot.

    Also great to see Tug back in action. If thats "rusty", i'll take it anyday

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    Another great day of shooting even though I had a shocker the wind was killing me lol. MAD has to be the hardest hft course in the uk. But saying that if you want to improve your shooting you need to shoot at MAD. That's why MAD has some of the best shooters.

    Great event you guys did really well to set this up.

    PS Matt and Mike great shooting with you guys.



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