I went to my local gun shop for some subsonic Eley RF.22 sub sonic, and came away with a HW110, .177as well as the ammo.
Well , it just felt right from the moment i shouldered it !(it was my 60th Birthday), Last Monday

The magazine ,is a bit fiddly to start with , but once you get used to, it its easy.

You get two 10 shot magazines,, the famous HW Moderator, a rubber coated beech stock (which is a marmite thing).
It would be nice to have sling swivels fitted as standard to finish it off.
I chrono'd the thing after filling it with air , and the variation over 50 shots was 8.2 ft/p/second.

It eventually dropped off the regulator after 110 shots , (its in the name). The accuracy was outstanding.
The cylinder on the 110 , is fixed , so no slow air leaks (re HW100'S) Ive owned.

I am extremely pleased with it so far, as its already bagged a couple of bunnies.