We'll be having our regular HFT shoot at Holmbush Ultimate Events on Sunday 23rd. This shoot is open to all safe shooters of UK limit air rifles so feel free to join is. We aim to get the plinking range open by 8am, hold the safety brief at 9 and get the shoot underway on completion. You MUST attend the safety brief to take part. The course generally follows UKHFT Format with a couple of minor variations to add interest.

Costs for members is 6 and for guests 7.

We'll also be running our 60 point challenge which will cost an additional 1 if you want to enter. The rules are simple, the 1 entry goes into a running pot which will go to the first person or persons to clear the course. Currently it stands at 21.

There are no "impossible" targets on the course and every one we use on the day has been killed at all of our shoots, nobody's managed to kill them all in the same event though.