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Thread: Review of EVO Kwikfit night vision add on system from "Some Bloke"

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    Review of EVO Kwikfit night vision add on system from "Some Bloke"

    Google "Some Bloke" for more information.
    The EVO is the latest night vision add on rig, and can be fitted with illuminator sizes from 38mm, 50mm, 67mm, &75mm, buy just screwing on/off in seconds, prices start at 248 for the 38mm, through to 280 for the 75mm one
    This night vision is basically in three parts.

    (1) a 30mm weaver scope adaptor rail with a 25mm bush so it fits all scope diameters, just fit to the front of your parallax adjustable scope

    (2)A very rigid, day scope adaptor which has a KPC E700 camera with 16mm lens, there is just one wire from this that goes to a plug on the tv housing, this is designed to "pull out" if caught rather than snap the wire.

    (3) A tv housing that incorporates a three power with memory illuminator, 3 18650 batteries (not supplied), tv monitor, quick release mount, and two switches on the underside, one for the tv/camera, the other for the illumination.
    Getting started
    (1) fit the tv housing on the scopes weaver rail via the quick release mount
    (2) push on the day scope adaptor and nip up, (3)plug in the wire to the tv monitor plug, turn on the nigh vision, then level the cross hairs, steps 1-3 can be done in under 20 seconds, the first time of setting up the camera lens will need turning in/out to focus on the scopes cross hairs, then won't need touching after that.

    Performance in the field.
    Illumination level one & two will do air rifle ranges, full power (75mm) will get you out to around 300 yds.
    I set this up on a MTC mamba-lite, 100 yd head shooting rabbits was no problem on 16 mag, lowering the mag down to 6x if there had been a fox at 300 yd, that night, that field, it would have been shootable.
    38mm torch is recommended for air rifle, 50mm for hmr, and 67/75 for foxing ranges.
    This is a well thought out good quality n/v rig, for budget money, and will equal to out perform others in the shops for a lot more money, come with 12 month warranty, i can recommend this rig, it will do the night vision starter through to some one that wants to do foxing ranges, but doesn't want to spend a lot of money

    The tv screen isn't waterproof
    Not everyone can get on with tv/heads up type night vision, if you need glasses to read you MIGHT need them to see the screen clearly.
    At the moment the Day scope adaptor is going to be altered so as it will fit just about every scope, at the moment it wont fit all scopes.

    Hope this review saves you some money

    Dave (warbucks)
    Theoben Rapid MK1 177
    AA S410 22
    Bushnall Scout Range Finder
    Hawk 3 x 9 x 40 m.a.p scopes
    Deben mini pro lamping system

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    Good review there Dave

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