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Thread: HRPC Sunday 16th July HFT and 60 Point Challange Results

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    Cool HRPC Sunday 16th July HFT and 60 Point Challange Results

    Hot, humid, dead still and blinking challenging today. We must have pulled every one of the most deviously placed targets on the course, or at least that's what it felt like. Still as usual it was a cracking days shooting even with a low turnout with lots of regulars on holiday or otherwise encouraged by other half's to perform different social functions.

    Not bad scores either considering, Rob was on form as usual and Jim Newbie scored a very respectable 46 on a first outing, despite the handy cap of shooting with two old farts, Mr "this targets not very friendly to left handers and there's a blade of grass in the way" and Mr "what the blazes I was sure I killed it".
    I'd also like to thank everybody who stayed back at the end to carry out some general maintenance and get some of the new targets out and ready for the next shoot, another similar effort next time and we will have enough targets set for two complete courses.

    Any way the scores on the doors.

    Rob Smith 57
    Peter Fenn 54 and 1 donught
    Colin Muggeridge 54
    Steve West 52
    Terry Evans 51
    Adam Smith 51
    Dave Powel 51
    Nick Farley 47
    Jim Newbie 46

    As you can see nobody cleared the course today although, as usual, every individual target was killed at least once. The pot will therefore roll over to the next shoot and start at 52. Somebody will do it one day.


    Always make the best of things, it can only get worse if you don't.

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    Thanks for another great shoot Terry, it was another corker!

    Huge thanks to those who help out and to those who stayed behind to help out with the new targets. Role on the next shoot

    "qui audet adipiscitur!"

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