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Thread: MTC OPTISAN 4-16x44 FFP F1

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    MTC OPTISAN 4-16x44 FFP F1

    Bought the above last week,in a hope it will help,me come up the magnification to ease my iffy eyes.
    I like to shoot HFT on 6x mag as i find the aimpoints compress nicely for me.
    I can see up close fine,its distance that gets blurry.

    The scope has great glass,which is a big step up from my Mamba lites,which i rate highly.
    The MH16 reticle is very fine and with my eyes,i can only clearly see the fine stadia on 16x mag.
    6x no chance what so ever,8x 10x nope!

    After pulling my hair out for a bit at the range,my mate Ewan Hobbs told me a tip,that should work with all fine hard to see reticles.
    I have tried it and it works with the scope.It also works with his fine Hawke sfp Airmax amx too.

    Fit the objective scope cap with the hinge in the 12 oclock position,then lower the cap so its half shut,or a variation to suit.
    Suddenly the 8x 10x stadia become visible.

    I have a sunshade fitted also,Fitting two sunshades dosent help at all.

    Using Ewans tip the scope is great,very precise audiable clicks on the turrets too.
    Coming from a 25mm tube to a 30mm tube on mediums hasnt made much difference to my aimpoints either.

    All in all my only gripe is the fineness of the reticle,but all FFP scopes suffer from this to a degree.
    Since incorperating Ewans tip,im well pleased with the result.
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