I have just got a sabre 4x32, so her are my initial thoughts on it:

Seems well made. Clear glass. Nice mildot ret. AO. One piece mount included in the price. Also flip up lens covers. Finger adjustable turrets. Costs under 20 & p+p! You get a hell of a lot for the money.

Now the very minor downsides:
I like to have the mounting bolts on the right side. You can't do this with this mount. You can't get the scope mounted level if the bolts are on the right as the scope (where the windage turret is) is baulked by the mount.
If fitted to a "flush" gun, (mines on an airsporter), you cant get the front lens cap on, so you would need a riser to give enough clearance.
I've also found that the arrestor pins need removing altogether if the gun doesn't have holes for them. Just screwing them up so the mount fits flush, and they are perilously close to the scope.
Be careful with the ring bolts, they are quite small and it would be very easy to chuff them up.

All that being said, it's a good bet for the money.