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Thread: MTC re-launching the Mamba Lite range - Available end August

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    High Easter. Essex
    i am fortunate that most of my MTC scopes were bought when Gary & Sammie Cooper ran MTC scopes,
    a great company when they qwned it !!!!!, i mostly have the mamba lites fitted in both 3x12 & 4x16
    these are excellent for use with my NV gear. i will wait and see what these new scopes are like
    Customer Service is no where as good as the Coopers provided!!!!!
    i hope both Gary & Sammie are doing well??!!
    atb brian

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    Nigel Allan and Giles have done reviews on them already.
    The glass is said to be better too.

    I have 3 of the old lite
    s,and found their glass to be good.

    Only thing i found with the old lites the finnish easily marked..

    The reviews said they will have the SCB2 reticle which i love..

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