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Thread: Cambrige vs Lee Valley (Cambridge Home) 27/82017

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    Cambrige vs Lee Valley (Cambridge Home) 27/82017

    excelent day shooting cambridge rules. fortunally there was little wind so it made the course a bit eaiser to shoot. some targets above to up trees (literally) and others you had to time leaves and hope to hit kills because the targes were strategically placed in dark places. we thank those who cleared the course by shooting leaves and branches that were in the way of the targets (you know who you were).

    the end result was cambrige won this inter-club shoot. the scores are as follows. (apologies for misspelled names)

    Linda O'Malley Vetrian 51
    Bob Brand Vetrian 50
    Bob Truit Vetrian 49
    Neil Marshall Vetrian 49
    Brian Tindal Vetrian 45
    Chris Bolton Vetrian 39
    Ken Phillips Vetrian 35
    Ian Langley Vetrian 32
    Jeoff Wilson Vetrian 26

    Paul Burt Springer 49
    Stuart Smart Springer 47
    Jake Day Springer 46
    Simon Jones Springer 40
    Steave Martin Springer 38
    Scott Coe Springer 36
    Gram Wilson Springer 33

    Jeoff Weasley Open 56
    Jill Cockren Open 53
    Andy Island Open 51
    David Alenbone Open 51
    Glen Pickard Open 51
    Justin Rhone Open 50
    Wayne Peirce Open 50
    Andrew Kunprotas Open 49
    Finn Cockren Open 49
    Stuart Deakes Open 49
    Colin Bass Open 47
    Ralf Presland Open 47
    Andy Yates Open 46
    Matt Mosley Open 46
    Mike Carney Open 45
    Martin Mcarthy Open 43
    Martin Slain Open 43
    Simon Ely Open 43
    Gram Bass Open 42
    Gram Mason Open 42
    Jason Bass Open 41
    Mark Tearne Open 41
    Thomas Bass Open 40
    Martin Capptival Open 36
    Simon Honeysett Open 34
    Mike Read Open 30

    Emily Jones Junior 46
    Lara Jones Junior 46
    Molly Jones Junior 31

    Dean Orger 22 48
    Dez Morris 22 47
    Dale George 22 45
    Ralf Curry 22 42

    next shoot will be on 10th september to uhahft Rules.
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    Isn't your name Jake Day?
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