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Thread: ProShot Pellet Review .22

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    ProShot Pellet Review .22

    With pellets getting ever more ridiculously expensive, I was interested to see our sponsor offering a new budget range of “ProShot” pellets. Even better is that JSR offer them as a sample pack, containing 20 of each - which meant that they just had to be tried out.

    These pellets appear to be close copies of well known name brands. For example, the “Predator” appears very similar to the RWS Super Hollow Point while the “Penetrator” looks just like a Webley Powapell etc. etc. The pellets tested are all claimed to be around 14.3 grain and a quick test on the scales shows this to be about right. The sample pack also contains a number of heavier pellets in the 17-21 grain range which I didn't test initially as I wouldn't normally use these at 12fpe.

    The test rifles were my trusty Walther Century and my newly acquired HW35, both accurate rifles that group well with most ammunition. A control group was shot first with each rifle, using H&N FTT in the HW35 and JSB Express in the Walther as these provide the best groups respectively. All groups were of 5 shots. Sadly, the testing day was quite blustery hence the groups are a bit looser than they'd otherwise be, but at least it gives some indication of how these pellets ride the wind. The pictures show the results.

    Looking at the groups, I think it's fair to say that the HW doesn't really like any of these pellets, although the Professional Long Range gave the tightest group. However, the Walther gave much tighter groups with all of them and again the Professional Long Range were the best, producing a fairly decent group by any standards. That said, the Walther’s accuracy comes at the cost of lower power readings across the board.

    I subsequently carried out a second session of testing with the heavier variants. Personally, I wouldn’t normally use 20 grain pellets, and I suppose that their primary purpose is close range ratting, hence I decided that 15 yards was an appropriate test range. Again, it was a somewhat windy day.

    The results with the heavies weren't too different from the lighter pellets - ie nothing much to write home about. That said, the "Precision Magnum" 17 grain showed some promise through the Century and the "Precision Heavy Copper" gave a very decent group through the HW35. Surprising given that both of these are pointed pellets. Indeed, I was sufficiently impressed by the "Precision Heavy Copper" to give them another test at 25 yards and they still managed a 3/4" group on a windy day. Good stuff.

    It’s difficult to come to a hard and fast conclusion after testing with only 2 rifles but the Professional Long Range, Precision Magnum 17 grain and particularly the Precision Heavy Copper 21 grain gave some decent groups while the rest of the ProShot range, IMVHO, are best considered as cheapo plinking pellets.

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    I tried Proshot Precision Heavys a little while ago, I was testing various brands of 18 grain pellets in my FAC Rapid in hope of finding a cheaper alternative to JSBs and AAFH.

    Test gun is non-regulated and a 10 fps spread over 50 shots. Fitted with a 22" unchoked Walther barrel which prefers 5.52mm ammo. Makes 940fps 35ft/lbs with 18gr pellets.

    First impressions were good, no damaged pellets in the tin and they looked very much like BSA Redstars/Gamo Magnums.
    The skirts were thick and oversized which meant that they stood up to the power on tap but loaded tight in the magazines and the last push home on the probe was firm.
    With the gun zeroed for JSBS at 50yds they gave promising 1 hole and cloverleaf groups with a few fliers at 30yds Straight from the tin they grouped better than BSA's Redstars.
    Beyond that and out to 50yds they were all over the place....a 2" scatter. Not something I would be consider acceptable for long range hunting. I ran another 5 magazines through the gun with no improvement as the power dropped towards the end of the bottle.

    With no head-size on the tin beyond. 22/5.5mm I'd say that they might shoot better through a choked barrel providing the choke wasn't too tight.
    I do have an FAC BSA Superten but that has a tight choke and doesn't shoot longer pellets with any accuracy..

    Thumbs down from me and another half tin of pellets for the back of the cupboard.
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