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Thread: New to reloading - most economical calibre

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    Quote Originally Posted by boff180 View Post
    Not poppycock, my experience.

    The vast majority of items that I have purchased which have been Lee have either broken within an unacceptable time period (2x Hand Primers failed in the same place with metal coming away), havenít done the job properly (38-55 dies not really being for a 38-55) or were just plain inconsistent (Powder thrower). The only thing I have that I have found that are good is the Powder dippers!

    All of the above had to be replaced by RCBS or Dillon equipment which i found to be better made, did a better job (particularly the RCBS cowboy dies), were far more reliable and still going strong without any issues after thousands of rounds.

    Thatís not to say other manufacturers donít also produce naff products, I find the Lyman #55 Powder thrower as inconsistent as the Lee ones, in fact the only Powder thrower I have come across which is spot on every time is Dillonís.
    I really rate the Lee hand priming tool but you have to keep the wear cam in the handle greased with good moly grease or it breaks as you describe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacfoley View Post
    The Keith Floyd approach to reloading is to be avoided at all costs.
    Absolutely Tac. I often reload listening to the Stranglers but avoid doing it off yoru face on red wine....bad bad bad
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