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Thread: BSA valuations

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    BSA valuations

    I know that pics say a 1000 words but I haven't got the time and where with all to upload pics (and in any event I'm looking for some very broad ball park figures) on the following:

    1. BSA Scorpion pistol. All complete with scope rails but a bit of a dog with rust through the bluing and I think there is a trigger issue here as it's temperamental to cock/fire. Overall condition is about 4/10.

    2. BSA Mercury S action only. Missing its stock, stock bolt, fore end screws, open sights and cocking link. I haven't been inside this so cannot tell what it's internal condition is. This action surprised me in that whilst it's bluing/overall condition is now barely in region of 5/10 I can see that at one time the bluing would have been of very high quality (I personally dislike the stove enameled BSA guns) so this changed my views and prejudices on BSAs.

    I have an option to sell these to a colleague and don't want to be too far out with the value.

    As per above though, don't get too hung up in lack of pics I am only after a very broad idea of value only.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    50 the pair to a workmate would be fair[imo]
    all the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by martin bingham View Post
    50 the pair to a workmate would be fair[imo]
    all the best
    sounds about right...
    I'm currently looking for: a .22 / .20 Theoben gasram barrel, at least 10" long (not a fenman barrel). Thanks.

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