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Thread: Range finder

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    Range finder

    I fancy a range finder seen the cheaper ones on evil bay anyone got one and thoughts on it cheers

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    i have this one the battery price was 7 in my local tesco for two.

    it's pretty good for the money. used it once mind you. pinged a target at 100 yards and used the strelok app and got the details of what mildot to use and it was spot on for me . other closer ranges were fine too . that was with my .22lr .
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    If you shoot at varying unknown ranges eg hunting and therefore have a use for it then fine.
    Out of interest and as a new toy, I bought a used Hawke, a few months back.
    After an initial period of pinging everything to see how it performed, it now gets little use.
    I found that it is generally accurate but is affected by the reflectivity of the target - a white target pinned to a dark wood backstop may show a metre difference in range between the two colours.
    With my personal shooting being mostly targets I could have found a more useful way of spending the money but you can't blame the rangefinder for that! Having now played with it I could resell it but I won't because it works and is invaluable when you do need it.
    Hope that helps!

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    LRF's can be very useful although I tend to measure between fixed points like a tree & a gate or from a water trough to a fence post or something else fixed, just to break down a field in to more manageable sections when using FAC stuff.
    For shorter range, like sub 12 air, I never found it practical to try & ping a rabbit at 25-35yds and expect it to still be there by the time you faff about with the LRF then faff about some more with the rifle .

    I found it much more practical to learn bracketing at 5yd intervals on a specific mag, which is also free.

    As for which actual unit is best, same as scopes what suits your eye might not suit someone else, best way might be to google for a comparison test & if you get one test it over several premeasured situations, I'm sure that as with many (Chinese) things some are the same electronics in a different plastic box .

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