This months Sunday monthly will be held in our lovely woods and held strictly to UKAHFT rules
As usual all targets are the same for everyone, so no advantage to be gained.
We've set a particularly easy course this month, so you can take advantage of that and tell your friends about your new P.B at MAD.*
Weather is set to be sunny and 8 degrees and as usual NO WIND!
Also on offer is our large plinking range and practice course.
Ian will be cooking the food Sunday, with a guaranteed 5k calories/200g fat per burger.
We also have our Xmas dinner shortly afterwards at 4pm at the Hurdlemakers Pub, everyone is welcome, non members as well. Good fun, good company, like minded people.
Kick of is at eleven with compulsory safety just before.
A fortune in cash and heaps of gold will also be won by a few lucky people.
More info on* 07449895053.