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Thread: Lincoln Jeffries air pistol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccdjg View Post
    Yes, I can see what you mean. However, the owner back in 2000 infomed me that the box label was coloured with a yellow backgound and blue and black lettering and artwork. The leaflet in the box is obviously monochrome. There does seem to be some residual colour on the label pictured in the Gallery, although it is badly faded.

    I think the jury is still out on this. Either some people have been busy with Photoshop or felt tip pens and both boxes are not right, or Lincoln Jeffries used a very cheapskate printers for his box labels! I would love the chance to examine both boxes in the flesh.
    As you say, the jury is still out. I've just remembered that whoever gave me this pic said it was not original, which is why I was convinced earlier - not from my observations, although my memory is sketchy. He may have been wrong...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccdjg View Post
    I can answer that one for you Micky. It is the same box, but I must admit that I had to Photoshop the image drastically as I only had a very poor picture and the label was very indistinct. So the result was more of a representation than the real thing.
    Hi thank you for comfirming that it is the same box. l thought that it might be.

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