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Thread: Southern Hunters Round 4 Results

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    Southern Hunters Round 4 Results

    Well we were reasonably lucky with the weather and it was good to see so many coming all the way south this close to Christmas.
    Thanks again to all who helped set out and take in and the SHS team (Graeme, Aaron, Lewis, and Brigitte as well as Wurz (don't ask for onions) for feeding us)

    The trophies were won as follows:
    Open 1st Alex Larkin, 2nd Aaron Friend, 3rd Adam Longhurst (1st and 2nd decided by shoot off and 3rd by count back)
    Recoil Kim Lum
    Ladies Jade Saunders
    Junior Wes Micklethwaite
    0.22" Simon Vant
    Vets Mike Burgess

    The bonus bunny was won by Wes Micklethwaite and the Air Arms Goody bag by Mike Seagrave

    The scores were as follows:

    First name Surname Class Score R4
    Aaron Friend Open 57 100.00%
    Alex Larkin Open 57 100.00%
    Mark Rackley Open 56 98.25%
    Adam Longhurst Open 56 98.25%
    Justin Rayner Open 55 96.49%
    Vince Guy Open 55 96.49%
    Tom Keene Open 55 96.49%
    Vince Holland Open 55 96.49%
    Charles Peal Open 54 94.74%
    Len Smith Open 54 94.74%
    Roger Dibbens Open 54 94.74%
    Kevin Maw Open 54 94.74%
    Lol Moore Open 54 94.74%
    Gary Morrison Open 53 92.98%
    Mike Byford Open 52 91.23%
    Howard Kalisch Open 52 91.23%
    Mike Seagrave Open 52 91.23%
    Lewis Hodges Open 52 91.23%
    Justin Roberts Open 52 91.23%
    Simon Whittick Open 51 89.47%
    John Newton-May Open 51 89.47%
    Steve Edmondson Open 50 87.72%
    Kevin Wickson Open 50 87.72%
    Richard Nightingale Open 49 85.96%
    Nigel Carter Open 48 84.21%
    Steb Martinez Open 48 84.21%
    Chris Tyhurst Open 48 84.21%
    Mike Barkus Open 47 82.46%
    Stuart Elstone Open 47 82.46%
    Jason Danvers Open 47 82.46%
    Anthony Smith Open 45 78.95%
    Darren Purnell Open 44 77.19%
    Paul Bradford Open 43 75.44%
    David Sippitt Open 40 70.18%
    Chris Mears Open 40 70.18%
    Kim Lum Recoil 53 92.98%
    Nigel Wood Recoil 51 89.47%
    Graeme Cargan Recoil 50 87.72%
    Rex Bennett Recoil 48 84.21%
    Gary Chillingworth Recoil 47 82.46%
    Trevor Palmer Recoil 45 78.95%
    Chris Moore Recoil 45 78.95%
    Toby James Recoil 43 75.44%
    Danny Roff Recoil 40 70.18%
    John Kirkwood Recoil 38 66.67%
    Damien Walker Recoil 35 61.40%
    Mike Burgess Veteran 56 98.25%
    Nigel Buchan Veteran 50 87.72%
    David Henderson Veteran 50 87.72%
    Jean Greatrex Veteran 49 85.96%
    Ron Snaith Veteran 47 82.46%
    Barbara Pearce Veteran 45 78.95%
    Roy Pearce Veteran 41 71.93%
    Steve Micklethwaite Veteran 40 70.18%
    Simon Vant 0.22" 52 91.23%
    Jason Lockett 0.22" 50 87.72%
    Ed Tandi 0.22" 49 85.96%
    Nick Byrne 0.22" 47 82.46%
    Kevin Catt 0.22" 46 80.70%
    Paul Somerville 0.22" 46 80.70%
    Wes Micklethwaite Junior 54 94.74%
    George Danvers Junior 50 87.72%
    Georgia Moore Junior 49 85.96%
    Abi Maw Junior 49 85.96%
    Harvey Friend Junior 35 61.40%
    Jade Saunders Ladies 44 77.19%

    Any corrections just send me a pm

    In addition I have been asked by a couple of folk if we are doing the combined class this year (2 scores each in Open, 0.22 / recoil). If we have enough folk interested then yes why not, just let me know if you would like to put your name down for this.

    Last and by no means least thanks to Nick for presenting the CompAir Spirit of the Sport Trophy and of course well done to Rex - a popular recipient!

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    That was a really enjoyable morning's shooting - an excellent course with some really challenging targets, and enough wind on the hill to make things "interesting".

    Many thanks to everyone involved in putting on such a great day's sport for the rest of us.

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    Aaron shooting better than ever!

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    Up the oaks

    Well done to all class winners, especially Aaron..... bosssssssshhhhhh.
    Not bad mark rackley. Not bad at all.
    Kim..... you need to leave your tx in the rain for a week. !!!!!!!!
    See lots of you Saturday.

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    Great days shooting at the Oaks. Top shooting Mr Larkin...git superb Wes star in the making for sure. Well done kim and cheers for the company you had a great run in the woods with the boinger. And congrats all class winners cheers Charles and Graeme. Well deserved award for Rex also. See you all saturday for the oaks chrimbo shoot

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    Cheers Oakies

    Thanks Oakies, a great course. Luckily the wind held off.

    Cheers Aaron and Harvey for shooting with me and well done to you both, nice shooting.

    Aaron, cheers for servicing my rusty TX, now shooting great. Only the squashy thing at the back that needs working on.
    Swallows HFT
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    Great course, the targets i set out, must have been good as i missed them all........

    I might have found out who i am and it ain't the man i thought i was!!

    Top bombing Alexi.... Boss on the shoot off!..... (ok lucky..)

    Thanks to all the organisers, especially me and thank me for the xmas tree that i know you all loved, after your near vertical climb...

    Also thank me for saving black paint (we are getting low so i aimed at the yella!).....

    See you Sat and happy Xmas to those not coming XX
    SIHFT Winners 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - AND 2014....2015..2016...oh look back at green...running out of colours! Ha!

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    Thank me for the xmas tree that i know you all loved, after your near vertical climb...

    Well it made me smile in between the gasps of air
    Save time, see it my way

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    Quote Originally Posted by cargs68 View Post
    Well done to all class winners, especially Aaron..... bosssssssshhhhhh.
    Not bad mark rackley. Not bad at all.
    Kim..... you need to leave your tx in the rain for a week. !!!!!!!!
    See lots of you Saturday.
    Thankyou ..... really enjoyed it great course and i got me a new name too !!! out goes sterling in comes the "Countback Kid"
    "The Countback kid always misses peg 1"

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    Put me down for the combined class if you decide to do it please Charles.
    As Rex said that'll be the last place covered
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    Well done to Kim for his good win and of course great to see all of the peeps at the Oaks. I have to say that the big surprise award from CompAir really made my year. I really appreciate it as that was such a lovely feeling even though I haven't been able to shoot properly I am so grateful for the acceptance and camaraderie from lots of lovely people and Chillie

    I will try and do myself justice next shoot once I have recovered from that bloody hill walk yesterday. At least the next round I shouldn't be suffering the jet lag from going south of the river
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    Top bombing Aaron! Congratulations to you and all the class winners.And a special well done to 'CK" ( and I don't mean the bloke who makes pants)
    Ford Rifle Range - The Monaco GP of HFT

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