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Thread: HRPC Club Shoota nd Sixty Point Challenge 17th December Results

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    HRPC Club Shoota nd Sixty Point Challenge 17th December Results

    That course was one of the hardest I have ever shot. There were more tricky targets, mini kills, off the peg shots, trees in the way, trees to shoot around and just plain trees being trees. And as for the sadistic person who selected the targetsÖ Opps that was me, What I meant was what A SUPERB COURSE, of course.
    Seriously it really was a good shoot and the weather held for us as it didnít rain until we were driving away at the end. Thatís not so say we were all dry though. An error of judgement on my part resulted in landing on my rear end at the deepest part of the stream, not so bad as the waterproofs kept that dry and I can highly recommend the water proof qualities of Jack Pyke boots because when my right one filled up it stayed full for the whole shoot. Oh well the trials of HFT and all that.
    Congratulations to Bob Pattenden for a well earned 53 with, a boinger. Even more impressive as he had to put up with me making a right mess of it. Iíd also like to congratulate Linsey for a good 45 on her second time out (Not bad for somebody who only asked if we could show her how to use a rifle before she goes on a course) and to Jeremy Costelloe on his first shoot.
    As people have been asking me we have one more shoot this year on new years eve so if anybody feels like itÖIíLL MAKE SURE THE COURSE ISNíT SUCH A NIGHTMARE AWWWWG.

    Any way on to todays scores.

    Bob Pattended ( R) 53
    Russeel Connor ( R) 51
    Steve West 51
    Kevin Hills ( R) 49
    Dave Powel 48
    Ivan Edminston 46
    Lindsey Llewellyn 45
    Terry Evans 44
    Jeremy Costelloe 44
    Peter Fenn 44
    Simon Humpheries 43
    Colin Muggeridge 38

    As nobody cleared the course the pot for the sixty point challenge will roil over to our next shoot.
    Always make the best of things, it can only get worse if you don't.

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    Toughest HRPC course I've ever shot. Some clever range traps, threading pellets round the branches of three trees, very few "Gimmy" shots. Good fun.

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    I agree with Bob, with the 'trick shots' required today, that was by far the hardest course I have shot at hrpc.

    Many thanks to Terry and co for a devil of a course. Well shot Bob and Russ - again.....
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    Tough ole course

    Definitely the hardest course at Hrpc I've shot , but still very enjoyable, the first half was a nightmare for me .... i was about as good as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest , but pulled it round in the 2nd half .

    Muffled under the breath threats and a few harsh stare downs did nothing what so ever , we still had to perfect the old Angelina Jolie bending shots around obstacles tricks .

    Crap course , crap targets , and Terry you sadist that was just plain wrong ....

    I will get 60 with a springer sooner or later .

    Cracking day chaps
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